Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tight or Loose

I have heard alot of people talking about pre-flop play. I am guilty of it myself. When I get my AK sucked out on with 36o it really sucks. However I think it is ok to play 36o against a raise. Ok, maybe not that example. I really, really think pre-flop play is WAY overrated. It is a way to keep the people who are not so good post-flop out of trouble. I think I fall into this category. So playing tight is probably good for me. The one thing I think my game needs is a sensor to tell when I am in trouble. Alot of people have this. I am getting it a little but need alot more experience.

I think my game is way too weak sometimes. Here is a good example. I limp in SB with 34 diamonds. The flop is AKx with two diamonds. Three people in. One fold. Next guy who I consider a good player (LA-A) raises me. Now I know I had been showing weakness against raises, so I decide to re-raise him and try and take the pot right there. He folded and I did not have to make my flush. I think if I played this way more often I would do well. Playing tight made the L-AA guy put me on AK or something along those lines. He played his hand hard, and when I shot back he folded. I think that is a good side effect of tightness and aggression combined.

Wish me luck tonight! I expect some railbirds! I beleive the contest is 8PM Eastern. I have a good feeling about this. With over 500 people in I think I have a good shot at 190th place! However with some good luck and some aggression I could take it all! At least it is a freeroll!


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

It all has to do with adaptability. Good LAA's know when they're up against a LPP, a sLAA, or another LAA and may adjust their game accordingly. Last night I noticed the table maniac would raise every hand he was in but he tended to limp if I limped. He would also raise my blinds every time, but if I came out betting on the flop and turn, he'd fold. I also watched this guy bet and get raised on the flop and turn, then fold to a river raise or win without SD with a river bet. Crazy stuff. Anyway, he was a winning player that session, and he was there for well over 150 hands.

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