Friday, December 10, 2004

5/10 6-MAX

I have been toying with the 5/10 6-MAX since the 3/6 full has not been very nice to me. These games are AEWSOME. The players are SO bad and SO loose! I mean if they hit an Ace with a weak kicker they assume nobody has an Ace with a better kicker and ALWAYS pay you off. It is because there is so much BLUFFING it is crazy. Here is the secret to these tables. Do not play looser. Do not worry about being bluffed. Let your blinds get stolen. Give the idiots the few bucks until you have a hand and then let them play the same game, and nail the hell out of them! Beleive me tonight I let someone steal like $50-$60 of pots from me when I was pretty sure he had nothing. He paid me back over $200 when I had nice hands.

Now here is another tip. Variance is a bitch at this level because everyone has bought into playing weaker cards, like A3o. When you AK gets beat by A3o it sucks. So what. It is going to happen alot. Wait. Be patient. Get those panzies when it is YOUR time. I am not saying you need the NUTS, but when you have what looks like the best hand on the board you will most often get paid off.

Tonight I lost $150, and then brought my first $250 buyin up to $500 and the second to $350. I then decided to call it a night. I have had sessions where I have brough a stack up to close to $700! These tables are very beatable if you have the bankroll.


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