Friday, March 04, 2005

A Tale of Two Nights

Tonights Blog Brought to you by the Letters Q and Q.

Yeah. Nice hands. First hand of the night. I get raised a buck in front of me. One guy calls and I also call. The flop is 792 and nothing too scary. Two people limp, I do a pot size bet of $5. I get two callers. A J is on the turn. The turn is checked to me. The pot is now $18. I have $17 left. I am not sure if someone is drawing to something but I think I am good. So I go all in. One guys thinks real hard and calls. I end up against AA and some tool trying to draw out a straight. AA stands up and its one hand and out for sir.

So I decide to switch tables. I am doing well. I am up about $12. I am starting to come back. I get QQ. I joke with Bad Blood that I am going to fold. Take note of this setup technique all us good writers use.The flop is J89. One guy bets me $5. I raise him to $10 and he goes all in. I have a feeling he has a J and decide to go for it. He turns over.. J6. Aight! Turn is a 5. Aight! River is a 7. Not aight. Wahh! Who the hell calls all in with J6..

Should I have walked away from either of those hands?

I blew the rest of my second buyin on a hand I knew I shouldn’t have played. Oh well. I really do not want to play anymore cash games tonight. I feel my anxiousness coming into play and that’s never good. Time for a freeroll or something.

I have written on paper: Do not go all in with a pair, Do not call all in with a pair, do not go all in with Overpair, do not call all in with Overpair. EXCEPTION: AA,KK pre-flop maybe. So if you’re playing with me and think I flopped TPTK just bet all in and I promise I will fold. I think.

SNG: 4th Place. KK. Being blinded out. 4 left. All in. 77 calls me. Flops a 7. Bah!
MTT: 900th place or something. No cards. Got blinded down. Had to go all in with A7 vs AQ.

Soooooooooooooo then I take what Felicia says to me tonight to heart and jump back on the 25/NL tables! Oh wait, she said I should quit the cash games!! I should play tourneys because aggression is good there. Well I ignored that part, sorta. I appreciate the advice more than you can know though. I think I have the ability to learn to be a good NL cash player. Only time will tell. The part I liked, and listened to, was how she always says “Wait for Monsters.. boo!”. So I glance at my paper again and hit the tables.

I wait and wait and wait.. and.. guess what. There are monsters in them there woods! The first good hand I get is against a guy I have been verbally sparing with. I like sparing and I called him Brown Eyes and told him he was full of shit. So we get into this hand. I have 9-10 or something. I was allowed to limp in. I flop a 9 with no over cards so I bet the pot like a good boy. He calls me. So I am preparing to fold when another 9 comes by. So I feel pretty good about my set. I check to see if I am going to get any action. The tool puts 20 bucks in the pot. I am somewhat sure he does not have a 9 with a better kicker. So I say “Is my 3 any good” and raise him my remaining eight bucks. He thinks for a long time and calls me. We flip and he has 23 for a pair of 3’s vs my trips.

The next good hand I get is when I play J-10 for a limp. I flop 10-9-8. The turn is a 10. Sweet! I can not really bet it though because of the straight so I call a few buck bet. The river is a J to make my boat. Now that I can bet! The guy with the straight throws out a nice size bet and I re-raise him all in. He calls.

I really do not remember any other hands. Somehow I got up to $92, winning back my 2 buyins and then some. Feels good! Not sure if Jeckle or Hyde is showing up tomorrow night.

I had QJ s000ted on the button. I bet a quarter. The flop is a great low cards, two of my suite, and I even had two over cards. The pot is 1.75. I am bet 3.00. Do I make that call? It was very hard for me but I laid it down. Was that right?


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