Saturday, April 23, 2005

All around town..

Well tonight was an overall down night. I lost a buyin. Got smoked by a set of A's when I had a set of 5's. Not much you can do there. Lucky it does not happen to often. I played a freeroll. Placed 144th place in it. No money. However I keep getting closer to winning something. I think.

So I got a little tired of NL tonight and played some 7-Stud. Of all the games I have played outside of Holdem I think I enjoy stud the most. I ended up winning 75-85 at the 1/2 tables. It was pretty easy. I mean people betting into me when I have a boat. Generally playing crap hands and holding on to any pair. One thing I noticed that is really funny is how many people fold 7th street. It is one bet people! You have already invested 4 bets minimum. Why not see if you might have it? I did this several times tonight fully expecting to lose, but I even won one with like a pair of sixes! I gotta hit the stud tables more often.

Just before bed I wanted to play some Holdem. However I did not want to play a real game, so I jumped on a play money table for the hell of it. Wellllll.. It was FUNNY as HELL! I ended up about 10 buyins up in 10 minutes. Now why does that not happen to me in a real game? Haha! It was really funny though. Ten people to a flop, calling my nut hand, or playing with crappy hands and trying to catch. It did show me that you can make alot of money if you do not care about your chips. I had no problem going all in on any hand, and it paid off when the chasers missed. Anyway, it was just for a little fun. Mission accomplished.


Blogger Storm said...

Sounds like your doing pretty good my brother :).

Stud is funny because you will have so many people to the flop running the craziest cards. I have played in a couple games where ive laughed my azz off after they showed down their hands.

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