Thursday, April 21, 2005

I think it suits me...

I think I like the new Blog name. I may not keep it, but for now Poker is driving me insane and I like it.

I am in the 25K tourney. There are 1800 left. I get pocket rockets. I do the called for 3xBB raise. I get 5 callers. The flop is T65. I say to Darice, I KNOW someone has T6. I am so fucking disgusted I am going all in even though I KNOW his exact cards. It comes to him. He bets all in. I call. I am going home in 1800th place. I have decided I need a better outlook.

Well.. hitting a set of 7's vs AK with an A7x flop, and the enemy betting into me is fun! I ended up 122 for the night on that one hand! Scary as hell thinking she must have a higher set because she is not THAT bad of a player, but she did not even have two pair. She had to have thought I was on a draw.

The other funny thing tonight was seeing someone else feel my pain. Some person at my table has QT, and her QQTTT was crushed by AT, having AATTT. She then was killed by a set I made, and got nailed by a set over set. Her's was not the most brutal suckout of the night though. Some guy has a set of 4's, and river-river Aces kill his hand! AT wins! Wow, the power of AT!

I guess it is only fair for me to answer my own questions of the last post too. I like learning what different people like about Poker.

1. Do you make >3K a year.

Yeah, but I lose it too. So does that count?

2. If not how do you know you can be successful over time?

HA! I doubt it alot. Sometimes. I mean I play a tight decent style of NL and weeks like this week make me doubt everything. Flush chasing must be good! Right!!!!! Anyway, I am not likely to change my style to full time chaser. I like to chase every once in a while. (Geek! I said SORRRY!). Hopefully someday I can win some kind of money that counts.

3. If not how come you think you are successful?

Again, I do not think I am yet. I am probably better than most people at my table but that does not make me a winner or a success. Not yet at least.

4. If winning is not your definition of success then what is?

I think winning is my definition of success. I mean in part playing well is what we all strive for. However, how do you know you play well if you always lose? Also, it is a fun hobby sometimes, but it is NO FUN AT ALL, getting rivered up the wazoo!

5. If you do not care about winning, are you just in this to be a part of the great Poker Blog cult community and feel like one of the popular kids?


Anyway. A nice night does a little to clear the doom and gloom. Hopefully the cosmos will right itself and I will start winning again.

One other thought to leave you with. I was in a hand about an hour before the big winner. I had AA and the flop came J77. I think I am good. Guy #1 raises Ten bucks! Now I am psychic tonight for some reason and I put him on a J. Now the second guy RAISES 35! Wow! Now I do not need to be psychic to know when 7 people call my pre-flop raise with AA and two seven's appear I am beat. Especially with that bet. It was a sorta tough laydown but I did the right thing. Anyway.. the turn was a 7, and the river was an A!!! I would have lost my whole stack in that hand if I had continued. I would never have had the good result an hour later. Play tight. Wait for good opportunities. They will come if you let them.


Blogger Chad said...

The theme hanging over you, at least that I see, is that you have the self-defeating behavior of expecting to lose. You build the bankroll, but in the back of your mind, you're thinking "I know this is going to turn around. I know I'm bound to lose."

Eh, you know that's not doing you any good, and that many of your poker problems are mental.

5:26 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Not to be picky or anything.. BUT WHEN EVERY TIME YOU ARE AHEAD AND EVERY TIME YOU LOSE, YEAH! YOU HAVE TO EXPECT TO LOSE. Ok. I am over simplifying. However weeks like the past one really get to me at least. I kid you not that every buyin I lost I was way ahead (trips vs flush draw, etc..) and got creamed AFTER I put my money in.

To be a little more serious, yeah, I need to learn how to deal sometimes.. but some weeks are just like F-ME!

1:56 PM

Blogger April said...

Most of his problems are mental. :)

No, you don't have to expect to lose. You should NEVER expect to lose. WHY? What's the reasoning behind that? You should be prepared to lose, and therefore not play above your bankroll, but why in God's name would you play EXPECTING to lose? If that's the case, then please - transfer your money to my account.

You are on a bad run. They happen. You could just sit out for a while and let it pass...and you should, if you're falling into the "expecting to lose" mindset.

[I realize the futility of everything I'm typing, as I've typed it all many times before...]

7:11 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

In the words of Phil Helmuth repeat the phrase

"Good things will happen to me today".

But remember to whine later about how someone sucked out your hammer bluff with AA. :P

7:33 AM


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