Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I just thought I would share some of my NL Stats with you. So far they are pretty good over a statistically small period of time.

Three Levels of NL:
.25 BB/100: 34.65 BB/HR: 19.73 4438 Hands
.50 BB/100: 13.96 BB/HR: 8.36 5302 Hands
1 BB/100: 14.58 BB/HR: 8.46 2993 Hands

Ok. So we can gather for this I am beating these levels over a small sample period. I also am making McDonalds money once again! Woo hoo!

Here are my winnings in my last 15 sessions. I included 15 because that includes a slow patch I went through last week. These are by table not by day, so if I two tabled (which I usually do) then you will see two numbers:

+62, +128, -27, +138, -9,
-9, -2, -12, -68, +1.70,
+56, +46, -44, +148, -100, +106

So in general I win about a buyin per session and with 2-3 exceptions I have not lost alot of money during a session. Hopefully we can keep logging the +100 sessions and have fewer -70 ones.

My rating in PT has changed and this is where I might want some advice or at least comments. My VP$IP is 23% which is probably a little high for full NL. However I do beleive seeing a few more flops can pay off if you know how to fold.

My PF raise percentage has dipped to 3.11. I have thrown out raising all pockets under JJ and sometimes I limp with JJ. I never raise AJ/AQ EP, sometimes MP or LP. So basically if you get a raise from me you know I am serious. Well, not these players, but you get the idea. Here is my thinking. With all pocket pairs I really want to see a flop cheap and get away from it if I do not make my set. If I do make my set I am going to ream you so hard you will not sit down for a week. I will look so weak and passive right up until I take your entire stack! BWAHAHAHAHA! The stats prove this is probably working since my trips make me more money than any other hand.

So my PT rating has gone from T-AA to a sLP-A question mark. I really need to get some NL hand rating charts though. So as always I welcome any comments or questions. Until then here is to hoping I continue to beat the game.


Blogger BadBlood said...

Sir, I wouldn't necessarily pidgeon hole yourself into not raising with pocket pairs. Granted, it's a tight strategy, but I've had some success with raising first into the pot with small pairs.

At 6-handed loose tables, you'll get some callers who will often fold to any A,K, or Q that hits the flop.

Just something to think about. Seems like you're having some good success lately, so you should still go with what is working.

6:02 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Here is my thinking.

I want the guy with AQ to pay me off on an Axx flop. If I raise pre-flop, he has to be thinking he might be outkicked. If I limp he is less worried. I find that my sets pay off more this way. So I sacrifice the easy $6 pot, for the harder $100 pot. Now I realize that at some level beyond 100/NL this will probably become less profitable and I will need to rethink stealing the little pots.

6:51 AM


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