Thursday, April 28, 2005

More than you ever wanted to know...

I could whine some more. I am getting good at it. However I think your ears deserve a break, so maybe I will just ramble a little. I am FINALLY going to break the live play cherry. I will be AT Foxwoods May 21st, with a few of my pals. If anyone wants to see the infamous Sir send me an email or something. Believe me it is not a pretty site. So bring on any suggestions. This is my FIRST time EVER. I hope it is not like the first time I had sex. I barely remember that (THANK GOD!). I think she weighed more than my car, I drove a huge white caddy at the time, was on her period, and we both were REALLY drunk. It took me like ten seconds and I left right after that. Something about her asking me if I wanted to go again and me taking too long to decide.. hmm.. pleasurable groin feeling or leaving with a little self respect. Very little. Ahhh well.. by the time I decided, "What the hell, it's out already anyways.", it was too late. Hell, she should be happy I did not puke in her face. THANK GOD I WORE A CONDOM!


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