Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dr. Pauly Mistakes

Ouch. I basically killed myself in this one. A guy raises TJo in early position. I have pocket 8's. First mistake, maybe, not re-raising to see where I was. The flop give all low cards and a little bit of a draw for me. He bets 200 and I see it as a continuation bet.. so I call. The turn gives me the 8 for the set. I make a HUGE mistake not just pushing here.. He might have called but I doubt it. The river gives him the 9 for the nut straight. I had just enough of a hand, and NEVER would put him on TJ offsuit, combined to knock me out just before the first break. I was feeling pretty good about making the first break until I got knocked out on the last hand before it. Ouch. I think my chances for an iPod are pretty slim now too..


Blogger katitude said...

hun, they're better than mine....

1:26 PM

Blogger presidentdavelee said...

Same here, busted out shortly after you did. Top pair against a set. And I told myself I would not bust while in the blinds...ugh. See you next week, sir.

1:59 PM


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