Tuesday, November 08, 2005

10th Place

Well.. I took 10th in the 180 person SNG. I made one "mistake", but it is one I would make again. It would have been nice to have finished higher though. The mistake I made was calling a push with my 20K stack with KK. I was near the end. Almost ITM. She did not have me covered. She turned up AK. I had her way covered. The flop was a NICE AK! YES! I am fucking going to the promised land now.. oh wait, uh, its Sir, right? Ohhh yeah, I almost forgot, time to fuck with him. So naturally the A hits the river and I end up being a medium stack again. I would have been either chip leader or damn close with like 18 left if my set had held up. It is what it is though. Does anyone fold this?

I was able to hand on for 10th, but I ended up pushing with a crappy hand with like 2xBB left.. sorry, I just did not like the idea of getting chipped out by the blind. Oh well. What can you do? At least that adds a little to the Stars account. So far on Stars the SNGs have been tough. Some of it is my fault and some is dumb luck. I may just switch to the cash games for my influx of MTT money.

I have decided to diversify and try playing a little on Full Tilt. I like being an angry monkey, and who can beat Razz for a crazy ass, drive you mad game. Fits me perfect!


Blogger TripJax said...

I implore anyone to reply that they fold that one in that situation...I don't!

Preflop you are beat by one hand and if you take that hand down you are looking good to win it all...

7:35 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I wouldn't call it a "mistake" you would make again, I would call it "the right decision" you should make again, and again, and again.

8:22 AM

Blogger Joe Speaker said...

no way you fold. You were way ahead. Just because it's the bubble doesn't mean you shouldn't get your money in with the best of it, precisely for a reason you mention, you're in great chip shape to win it you take down that pot.

1:16 PM


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