Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Man am I bummed. Basically in the span of 3 minutes I had AA cracked by QQ and a set of 6’s cracked by runner-runner hearts. “That’s Poker”.. Monkey Boy Poker! I guess since it was a rebuy.. people say what the fuck.. oh well.. Frustrating so far.. but let us see if the Poker God grant me some revenge.

So I am still in the two games I got the bad beats on. I re-bought in both of them AND took the add-on. One was a $3 Qualifier to the 500K on Stars this weekend, the other is the 3K on Titan. We shall see what happens.. after this I think it is bed. Cause dem cards are not Quads Beeches!

..269 and 81 left in both respective tourneys...

After the break is looking good. My pocket 4’s hold up against AQ and my AA set stands. Both double my chips.

Mistake 1: Call a raise with KQ. Mistake 2: Push when a Q flops. I actually beat the original better but the 3rd player had AQ. Doh! I am still in the 3K though. Hanging in with 1500 chips. Pushing with AQ s00ted. Doubled and Kick the nuts out of JJ. Back up to my 3800.

Out of the Titan tourney with A9 vs KK. I flop an Ace and he turns a K. Ouch. I have been getting one out ass kicked all night.

3450 left with 400 blinds after a STUPID mistake. TPTK. Sucks. Remember these words. They art goot.

Ok. This is no good. Guess how I went out of the 500K Qualifier! Bet you never guess. Lets see. Push with AQ s00ted. Called by JJ. Flop the Ace. The turn is.. say it with me.. yes.. JACK! Is this not supposed to be umm.. what’s the word I am looking for .. RARE!!!!! God short term variance is a kick in the balls. I bet someone can tell me the odds of getting a two outer suckout three times in one night, twice within 5 minutes of each other. Ouch. I mean you can not just kick me in the balls, you have to poke my eyeballs with hot pins too..

Last shot.. the ole 180 person SNG. I feel as if I am just setting myself up.. but as you all know I am a glutton for punishment.. Well out in 56th, JJ vs AT. He caught his Ace. At least that was only a small favorite hand I lost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not a suckout if you go in with the worst hand!

Nice try though

10:54 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I disagree. If I push with AK and he has JJ and I hit my Ace on the flop I become a HUGE favorite. It goes from 50/50 to like 88/12 or something.. I agree I may have been slightly behind in a couple of those hands, but that is why hitting my card and then losing was really tough.

People hitting two outs on every turn should be very rare..

5:58 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

If you push pre-flop, then no its not a "beat" its a coin flip.

If you pushed after the Ace flopped THEN its a beat.

See the difference?

If not, you have some work to do.

7:25 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Lol. I understand the difference, but it is a bad something.. I mean you have to expect to win once you hit that Ace, and then the 2-Outer hurts bad. It reflects nothing on the play of the other guy or myself.. I think both of us had legitimate hands for that point in the game.. it just MUST be rare for that to happen, and three times in one night must be VERY RARE..
Call it what you want, it defintitely is a bad something or other.. And I thought I was Anal..

7:42 AM


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