Sunday, December 11, 2005

Stud Hates Me

Ya, I think it does. Tonight I get knocked out by runner-runner-runner 6's. Now I know the idiots at my table that did not notice me never playing a bad hand all night would think that MAYBE if they caught one pair they could win or something.. however, if they just paid a little attention, they would know I had a good hand. Of course it does not beat a runner-runner-runner river set but thats it besides the point. MTTs. Bah.


Blogger iamhoff said...

I've noticed that about stud...far too many runner runner runner scenarios. Runner runner happens enough in HE, but I'm constantly amazed at how often runner x3 will hit for just one person (never me, btw).

4:36 PM

Blogger Weak Player said...

I don't play stud tournaments. But I have been crushed by stupidity in my last three 5/10 games on Stars. By the worst player; You probably know who she is. I quit stud for a while as a result. So, I feel your pain.

8:43 AM


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