Saturday, January 14, 2006


sooted said...

I was just thinking the other day after reading one of your posts that you have definitely matured this last year - at least in your approach to poker, and in your writing style.

Thanks man! I really appreciate that. I feel a little different over the past few months. I will so however I am fast losing the idea that I will EVER be at peace with HE again. It still drives me crazy. Even last night (Sorry Felicia close your eyes, bad beat story coming) when I pushed a guy in twice in our heads up match with DOMINATING hands on the flop and got sucked out on. I kept my cool.. and eventually lost on a bad move followed by an even worse call. However other forms of Poker have started to appeal to me alot.

I am REALLY enjoying limit O8 for instance. I have a totally different mind set with that game. I am finally figuring out how it REALLY works.. how basically all my thoughts on split games were TOTALLY wrong. I am at peace with the game. I make a few bucks a night or lose but I do not care. Not because I hate the game or am dispassionate about it but because I understand it. I am at peace with it. The suckouts are so much a part of the game. It is ME that affects the outcome. I can truely see that when I play.

Now do not get me wrong. I have ALOT to learn but I am hoping this is a game I can finally play the way you are supposed to. Dispassionatly with alot of enjoyment and profit.

I also signed up for the FT affiliate program. If you click on the FT banner and signup I become your master. I get like 20% of your rake for life or something. I dunno. It sounded cool when Veneno told me to do it. So if anyone is not playing on FT go and signup NOW!

Go work on catching up with Al. We jumped from 20 map entries to 32+. I am very proud of you.. but we have a ways to go. So if you have not signed my map then go do it!! NOW!!

I am crushed that the Patriots are mortal again. A little more about that when it is not so fresh.

Last but not least I am now the proud owner of a fish tank. We have to wait until tomorrow, when the tank is settled, to get some fish. However the filter is filtering, the Sponge Bob house is waiting and the kids are driving me insane. We are so ready for fish. My son asked if he could get a puffer fish. Umm, sorry, no. So he is settling for whatever hardy fish will not die in the new aquarium and a sea frog. Pretty cool things these sea frogs. They are frogs. However they do not breath air. All the do is hang at the bottom of the tank and eat whatever the fish miss. After the tank settles we will get some better fish.


Blogger Veneno said...

Wow..Waffles is time!

10:13 PM


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