Monday, January 09, 2006

75-Token Full Tilt

Played in some freeroll (FPP Points) for a $75 token on Full Tilt tonight. It was cool. No bad beats. Although I witnessed many. I decided since only three paid I would push with 88 and the guy who called with AJ hit his jack on the flop. It was all over. Finished 109th of 280 so not so bad. It was relaxing at least. Ohh, and I would not normally suggest calling an $1800 bet with a $5K stack with AJ.. not a +EV proposition usually.


Blogger Nick Christy said...

Thats ok, I got busted in my last tournament when someone decided to call a 1700 bet with about a 4k stack with a kh2h when the board had ace high with a two hearts.

5:14 AM


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