Thursday, February 09, 2006

In preperation

In preperation of the sale of the WWDN book I have put up substantial monies with SoxLover for tonights WWDN. As I apply the principle's that are laid out in the book I shall attempt to make the money for the third time in a row. If this unheard of thing happens then you will be reading a book by people with OVER FIVE VICTORIES in the WWDN. Hopefully we will not be banned. Please signup everyone you know so I can make the money at the 18th spot instead of the 9th.. heh. My thinking in taking this bet, besides promoting the book, is this: SoxLover=Loser, SoxWife=Winner, so, the fates will conspire against SoxLover and propel me into the money. If said bet was with his wife I would surely lose.

I also intend to participate in the Donkeys Always Draw III: Heads Up Championship. It is on February 27th and the password is Blogsaregay. Although I give the edge in this one to Veneno I will do my best.


Blogger SoxLover said...

Hah, but I have fooled you, for I have laid off the risk to SoxWife. You are doomed.

8:53 AM


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