Thursday, March 23, 2006


To all you Ax chasing CB's I appologize for ranting yesterday. After playing in Mookies tourney and having my AT get called for over half the persons stack with K2 s00ted .. you guys are freaking savants!!!! Of course I lost to K2. So if you have not guessed Poker keeps kicking me in the balls. I especially liked the hand that got me into the position of pushing with ATo again. I make the K9 straight against the AK straight. The AK of course never raised pre-flop and never put a bet in the whole hand even when they had the broadway straight. How do you put someone on AKo in that situation? Well played poker there I guess. I think I finished 7th in the Bird Flu tourney after getting chipped down to nothingness. It is a fun SNG with over twenty people joining this time. The payout for the winner was 120+ I beleive. Our own Garthmeister came in second.

I did actually pull out an amazing suckout though. I was short stacked with three people left to act and had a small pocket pair. I decided what the hell and pushed. I get called by queens and them bitches live up the their name as they get cracked by my fours. See, Poker rewards the donkeys.

I played a HORRIBLE game on Full Tilt and donked off most of my bankroll there. Alot of it to the very same Garthmeister when he flopped the nut flush and people (including myself) just kept pushing more and more money into the pot. It was amusing.

So I took my last twenty and played the PLO8 MTT. Fourty five of the worse O8 players you have ever met joined this game. It started out good as I chipped up to 9K and had a nice shot at winning the thing. I took a few beats when I flopped bottom straight, pushed all in, had people covered, and got called by people with 4 outs to beat me. Of course they got the magic card on the turn every time. The hand that crippled me though was when I had A235 for a low and WAS COUNTERFITED AT THE RIVER. Un-Beleivable. I was resigned to getting quartered until the last card. I would have still been in great shape. In hindsite even though the flop hit me I think it would have been a better play to let my A2 go. Very hard to do when you make the nut low but I need to learn to give it up sometimes. I was able to hold on and finish up in 6th place for a whole $50 (-$10 to deadbeat Trauma because he I traded 20%) profit. I have to say the non-holdem MTTs on Full Tilt are crazy weak. I played Razz and PLO8, two games I freely will admit to sucking to, and placed in the money in both games. A second and a sixth.

The other highlight of my night was when I took my entire cash game buyin, and pushed with AK s000ted. I was hoping for a call. Sort of. I got one. Woo hoo! The person flips up AQo. WOO HOO! I flop two of my S00t WOO HOO! I still lose. Booooo! I for sure have the worse luck of any Poker player out there. I mean I was only a 91% favorite on the flop but you would think I could win one of those coin flips right?

So anyway I am still running frustrated. The Full Tilt games have been fun. If I bust out of Full Tilt I am considering cashing a chunk of bankroll out of Stars and putting it on FT. I do love the 20/2 180SNG and the 45-SNGs on Stars though not to mention the WWND and even the Mookie. Tonights tourney schedule will certainly have a WWDN:West Coast appearance. I love the WWDN. I think I have four cashes so far. However the fun I have is priceless.


Blogger L'artiste said...

Just hang in there, I know it sucks being stuck in a downswing but the run that you'll make busting out of it will probably make you wanna jizz your pants.

11:10 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

I mentioned in a recent post that WWdn's are the closest things to live games because of all of the chat. I think that works for players like you and me that like to interact with the table. Your thoughts?

12:04 PM

Blogger drewspop said...

And jizzing your pants is a good thing...

12:12 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Now Waffles, you and I both know that I have much MUCH worse than luck you do. Come on, admit it.

12:29 PM

Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Yeah, those two results made up for the junk-kicking I got in my $50 90 person SnG.

2:01 PM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

10 dollars. FLIPPING SWEET!!

2:30 PM


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