Saturday, March 18, 2006


At least I had fun tonight. Stars was dismal as it has been for the past month or so. I just can not catch any lightning. Very sucky. Going to be dipping under 1K again soon.. unless I win something..

However I went to Full Tilt and figured I would try a nice HORSE tourney. Way Fun!! Actually it was an SNG. Lasted about an hour. I won. I assume I am a better general all around player than most of the people playing 5.50 SNGs on FT. Your not lurking are you Felicia?

Some of the highlights were two 3-flush hands in a row that made it. One hit a flush and one back-doored into the straight draw I had. Those hands in the STUD portion of the game accounted for a great deal of my chips.

I outplayed people in Omatard to the extreme. I mean I have no idea what they were calling me with but I SCOOOOPED alot. That was extremely fun. It was also fun to decimate my opponent HU with a 10K vs 1.5K stack in Omaha.

LHE was probably my worse subject of the night. Although I did make some money when it was down to two, I also hit alot of nice hands HU like , 67o, flop 467, guess who had 53o? Ahh well. Lucky I am not overly aggressive I guess.

I really enjoy the HORSE games. I keep looking for the HORSE tourney on FT but I am not sure where or when it is. I keep seeing ones at 4AM which is a wee late. Oh well, most fun I had winning in the past month by far.


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