Friday, March 03, 2006

Hammer Baby!

Overall a pretty damn good night. I spent the first part donating to SoxLover in the cash game at FT. I dropped $120 there. Oh well. I do not seem to be able to get anything going at FT yet. I am hoping to hit an MTT or something and get a workable bankroll there.

So then I hit Stars. As most of you know I have been running a little badly this end of Feb. Not badly in the sense of the bankroll failing but I swear I had not won a single SNG in two weeks. Last night that all changed.

I start off by getting some confidence by beating a single table. I then enter the 45/SNG. I was small stacked most of the game but I took over the final table. I got some good cards at good times. I pushed all in three times in a row and then look down and see Pocket Rockets.. so I push again. I get a caller and all of a sudden I have chips! Woo Hoo! I really do not remember much else except when it was down to three and I had that HUGE chip lead I flopped an OESD with 72o. Obviously I had to call the additional 5K bet. I turned the straight and then basically just kept going all in with the last guy. It did not last long.

First place and $139 richer the Hoki-Vegas Bloggers ask me to play a two-tabler. I ran over that one too. I spared G-Cox so that he could take third and I ended up finishing in second. The hand I lost to was my QQ vs his 76c. He rivered a sf. Umm. Great. All the money was in pre-flop. It hardly bothered me though as I took $54 for that one.

I also joined one of the smallest WWDN's in history. I made the final table but busted out first hand. I was bluffing against Quantloos which is a bad idea since that guy NEVER EVER NEVER FOLDS. I had not seen him play so I had no idea. He called my all in with A7o on a AKQ and maybe flush board. Oh well. Perhaps he reads my blog. I saw him make FAR WORSE calls and EVERY SINGLE TIME HE SUCKED OUT.. I mean it was crazy. It was for sure his night as he easily took first. Congrats! Everyone was a little pissed at the guy I am sure.. I found it a little amusing. It was almost like the male version of Veneno!

So I am not sure what I am going to play tonight. I have the bankroll to start playing 20$ SNGs. It is sitting around 1200 right now. Wes says I can!!! I will probably alternate between 20's and 10's, and throw a few 45/SNGs in the mix. I really like those. Probably because I have taken first twice in the past month having played a limited number of them. I also will need to hit the 180/SNG at least once a week, and try and score in a good ole' fasion MTT. Good luck to you all!


Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Not sure yet if I will be on the virtual poker felt or not tonight. Went out and had (another) big one last night, so not sure if I will go out tonight or not. I think a nap once I get home is on the books, no matter what I end up doing. Just have to make sure I don't sleep through until Saturday.

7:33 AM

Blogger iamhoff said...

Love dat hammer. Glad to see the cards are coming back to life for you. I'm back on life support. Stars has been dead for me for several weeks, and Tilt runs hot and cold. Very frustrating. Oh well. So it goes.

8:04 AM

Blogger Rick said...

With a little luck of your own, you will get a chance to beat Quatloos next week. You know his luck can't hold up like for long.. (famous last words)

Rick (aka darval)

2:37 PM


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