Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sir Waffles Birthday

It is shaping up to be a good bash. I think DoubleAs might show up. At least he is promoting the thing for me. I would love to play some poker with that guy. His writing impresses me.

The prizes are starting to come in:

Hoyza has offered a small cash bounty on his head. We should probably nail down the amount since he is a shifty character and probably will not make good anyways. heh.

Katitude has graciously offered - one custom blog banner or sidebar graphic to the blogger who takes her out. She does web sites for a living so this is a very good offer.

All of my proceeds for this event are going to be donated for Cancer research. It is all the rage these days you know. I have actually been effected a lot by the C-Bug. One of my first experiences with death was when my Aunt (who was younger than me) died at sixteen years of age or something like that. My Grandfather was an old fashion man and along with beatings and the like that were common back then he smoked like a chimney. His fingers were actually yellow all the way down to the knuckle. Of course this inevitably effected my aunt. We were fairly close and it was a strange time.

Later on my Grandfather finally got his dose. He ended up dying of mouth cancer. Of course this past year my father passed away of lung cancer. He was another smoker and hitter for that matter. It is very interesting how patterns are destined to repeat themselves until the chain is broken. My nephew also has suffered from Leukemia as well as a bad mother and no father. He seemed to have come through the whole experience with some learning disabilities and loose teeth, however, lately, he has started having some strange seizures and we are not sure how that is going to work out. I do not believe cancer has been implicated in this one but it is totally possible that this is some side effect of years of Chemo.

So like most people I know the big C has had an effect on my life and giving back a little bit is the right thing to do. Anyway, see you there, and lets have a lot of fun!


Blogger Shelly said...

happy birthday, sirF!

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