Sunday, March 26, 2006

Its been a hard days night..

No poker for two days. Jonesing. Especially after I had a nice 2x Buyin LHE game last Thursday. One of my better results in LHE recently. Here is what my life is like. Keep in mind that I am a contractor so I do get paid at least.

Friday. I get handed project-X by my employer. The PM (Project Manager) tells me that we are looking to finish the project by next Friday. Excellent. We have plenty of time.

Friday afternoon. My PM says that they need to have the site live by Monday morning. Ok. We still have the weekend. So Friday night I work real late.

Saturday Morning. The PM now says they want to review the entire site Sunday afternoon. So I play on staying the whole night and finishing the project. In the meantime my daughter comes down with some virus that makes her puke every hour. My wife was up until 2AM Friday night with her. My son wakes up with pains in his abdomen.

So all I can put in on the project Saturday is 12 hours. Sorry. Saturday night I end up staying up all night with my daughter. Luckily my son falls to sleep and soon afterwards we hear “pffffftttttttffffffooooooooooooom”. A huge ball of gas escapes his butt and the pains are no more. My daughter stops puking around 4AM. She is fine now too.

Sunday. I am here with a crazy PM who is trying to get the site done. Looks like I am going to be billing somewhere between 24 and 36 hours for this weekend. I might be bored next week.

Speaking about crazy I think Fluxer went a little insane when Veneno taunted him on his blog. It is a fun read at least. My thoughts on the whole thing: You guys are two different players playing two different games. No way your advice is going to work for each other. It is like Iggy giving a .05/.10 LHE player advice. It just does not roll in that arena. Now can’t we all just get along?


Blogger DP said...

I'm sure Iggy knows how to adjust, so he could probably give a .05/.10 LHE player good advice. =)

6:23 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I know Iggy could adjust to that game and beat it.. however, just giving advice about it would be hard (I think) since he plays a TOTALLY different level of people..

8:17 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Not totally different, just people who have more money and the difference being there's likely a couple of better players.

6:10 AM


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