Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So last night was a frustrating way to win five bucks. The LHE game is running well. Poker Tracker says I am my usual sLA-P biatch player, which won me 3K playing the game over a year ago so I guess I can deal. I do not know how I got an sL rating btw, because I play shizzz-azzz-tight. I mean when the 1/2 Players FOLD to your raises PRE-FLOP, you know your a tight-azzz-biatch.

I went out before the first break in the WWDN. I played my AK REALLY hard pre-flop and it just never made it. I got called for a HUGE all-in by pocket 4's and those sailboats cruised away with any chance I had of winning this week. Not how I would play sailboats but to each there own. I do think a better line on that hand for me might have been calling his raise and then pushing the flop. I have no idea of he would have any ability to fold pocket 4's post flop with three overs on the board but we can always hope. I really can not beat myself up for this play. I may have gone a little too hard with my hand but that is the power and peril of AK. Worse case you are usually only a 5-6% dog if someone calls your push. I will take those odds in a tourney early on. If I win that hand I have a huge stack and probably make the final table.

I also lost in a 5$ PLO MTT. I am not sure why I play PLO except that it is fun. I love Omaha and think I could make alot of money playing it but so far something about my game is missing. Oh well.

I then went on to win $40 at one LHE table and lose $20 at another. So all in all I came out a little ahead. I guess that is the best you can expect when grinding. A little every night. I also think I am playing better. Folding marginal hands more often. In NLHE I might try and buy a pot or be a little tricky. In LHE nobody is folding to your one bet so if the pot is small and your hand is iffy it is usually better to fold.

On tonights schedule is some more 1/2 LHE. In addition I am playing in the Mookie Donkey SNG. Last time we got about two tables of donkeys together. Our very own Garthmeister took it home against a super donkey was not able to finish it off HU at the end so had to settle for second.


Blogger Mr. Friendly said...

Jeebus dude,
Nothing on circumcision...

What is this, a poker blog.

Saw you signed up for WWdN.

I played, I sucked.

However, my top 30 place trumps you!

12:05 PM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I am going to try and make it tonight. Look out BATCHES!!

3:13 PM


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