Friday, April 14, 2006

Iggy, Veneno, Baseball and the Week

I was hanging with my peeps Veneno and Iggy after the game. It was a blast. They were sooooo loaded it was funny as hell. Except when Veneno puked.. now that was just wrong. I guess I should not have been saying keywords like: Tilt-A-Whirl, Close your Eyes, and Spin in Reverse.. Oh well.

I think Iggy was trying to convince me to play 400/NL. Ok. Ok. Just kidding.. but I think he secretly misses my busting out posts and wants to get me creamed. You Dwarf bastard! Do not be jealous of the wayy taller than you 5"8 guys! I saw a girl for you on the way back from the train - if you ever get sick of the leggy, blonde, tall woman your married to then this little sister will do you good. She was 3" or something.. I got her number for you.

As an offshoot of our conversation I am going to do a weeklong challenge. It is as follows: I am going to play one $55/SNG a night for a whole week. So I am risking $385 of my $2K stack for seven shots at $1300. These games are a little more than I should be playing but I want to give it a try. So the range of possability is -$385 to +9100. Somewhere inbetween would be nice. If this works out I will come up with another plan to make some scratch.

The baseball game was a blast. However am I crazy or are they expensive? It would cost an average family of four sitting in great seats like $500 for one night of baseball. Hello? I got Lodge seats halfway down the 3rd base line maybe 30 seats up. The closest picture I could find was this. It does not do justice to the view though. It was excellent. My son's favorite part was when a foul ball banged off the seats right above and to the left of us. If it fell a little differently we might have been able to take one home. My daughter liked all the music and stuff. It was a real blast. Not a bad first baseball game. I ended up shelling out around $125 for a few hotdogs, drinks, two baseball hats, two wavy fingers and a small baseball bat. I am happy the tickets were free.

See you all tonight..


Blogger drewspop said...

Yeah, it is pretty crazy that it would be cheaper for me to fly to baltimore and back on the same day to see the Sox play there.

Plus, the tickets will be much easier to get there!

Glad you had fun. Free tickets rock.

4:29 PM


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