Thursday, April 13, 2006


but I can't see laying down the Queens to guys who I know will raise with less than premium cards in a short-handed situation
- Hoyazo

err.. I think I have been insulted! VENDETTA! VENDETTA ON HOYAZO! Either that or he was insulting SoxLover.. thats ok. Perhaps both of us? TEAM VENDETTA! TEAM VENDETTA! I will hunt you down in every MTT you play and bust you! lol.

It is very interesting seeing what people think of my play.. I get WIDELY different reports.. Some people say I am uber tight. Some say I am a donkey who will raise with any two cards short handed.. other say stuff behind my back.. I actually think it is good that people can not put me on a style. I think it means I play differently when I need to or when I think I should. I hope it means that I am hard to read and take advantage of situations in different ways. Either way I enjoy the feedback.


Blogger GaryC said...

I don't look at that comment as an insult to your play at all. In fact, I think Hoyazo would put himself in the same category. You guys WILL raise with just about any two cards. That's what makes it so difficult to get a read on you.

I certainly don't think his comment was meant to be offensive, maybe I'm wrong, I've been wrong before.


2:57 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...


3:26 PM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

You sound like Hellmuth now, "I declare war on you"...Waffles version - "I declare Vendetta !"

5:39 PM


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