Saturday, April 29, 2006

Party Poker

I hate that site usually. Well, hate it too strong. However.. I heard of all these $75 bonus deposits so I thought I would load it up and see. When I logged in it offered me free money so WHY NOT?!?!? I blew it in a 55$/SNG. AK vs AJ vs 79. I make it like $300 to go pre- and get beat by a turned flush and a rivered runner flush when I push in on the K high flop. Who knew. I lost a $44 LHE tourney too. Wait, $44+$55 is $99 right? Oh yeah, I played some limit. About ten minutes. Made about fifty. So I had $5 left to deal with. I jumped on the .50/1 tables. I ran that up to $20. Who knew? I guess I might give it a try tomorrow. REALLY BAD PLAYERS.


Blogger Meek said...

$55 sng, good idea. I'd consider that next time. I played a friend heads up, and lost all the $75. I'm terrible. However, he felt bad for me and transferred me half of it elsewhere, if you get my drift.

10:33 AM


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