Monday, April 24, 2006

Poker is Gay

Ahh well.. after a few days of losing I decided to cash out. I am down $600 in the past few weeks so I cashed out another $500 to leave me with $800 to play with. I think I will stick with the 180's where I made my money in the first place. Play some cash too. I mean who could ask for a better game then one where someone re-raises your 3xBB raise with A2 against your TT.. and luckboxes out to hit his ace. Sweet game! I shall return and I shall play you like the beautiful woman you are.. slow, steady, winning, game..


Blogger DP said...

Atleast you won $100 over the past two days at $50 nl

12:01 AM

Blogger drewspop said...

I probably won't have any time to join you in one anytime soon because I will be away from Sat until next Friday. When I get back though, we trade again.

You are gonna hit that again soon, I know it.

10:53 AM


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