Thursday, April 20, 2006

Toothless in Seatle

Not too much going on. I totally donkeyed out of the Mookie. I had pocket 9's and someone had raised pre-flop. The conversation on the flop of all small cards went something like this:

I raised 500. "Sir, Do you have a better hand than 99?"
He re-raises me all in "Why yes sir, I do".
I call, "Oh, ok, here, have the rest of my chips"

Listen to the conversation at the table people. It means something.

Reading Zen and the Art of poker. I got it for free. A blogger sent it to me and even paid the shipping! Random quotes from it will be coming:

Most of the trouble in poker occurs through our love affair with the "now" -- with impatience, with trying to hurry up the game. Players want to win now, today. Results must happen now, in this hand, the one right in front of us.

I full agree with this. Especially when I lost my 3K bankroll and went on a year long crazy man escapade. I wanted to make all that money back immediatly. It does not really happen that way kids. I also got into trouble because I wanted to win every night. So I would go up levels and try and keep myself ahead.

I had a decent night after the Mook. I tried the 10$ MTT and busted out. I had four people all in and the K high flush draw. I figured that if I won that one hand I would be set. There were only 300 peeps left. Around 10K in the pot. I had already bluffed into the pot also. So I called with my remaining 1800 or so and blinds at 75-150 and took my shot. The flush and/or the K never came. Someone else had limped with KK so that out was pretty dead. Although that person was the short stack and a K would have given me another two players chips. Nobody else had any flush cards. I like taking the opportunity there. I may have folded if I had not bluffed into the pot already. Like I said if I hit a heart I am golden. So I have no problem with that play.

I sat down at a .50/1 LHE table with Drewspop and Mookie. I was basically trying to clear my remaining 39 points to become silver. Just goofing around after a nice night at 3/6.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about that one, I had K3h and was facing a raise. Three guys had limped in already and on this table I knew they were all going to call. I also felt intuitively that I was going to make some money in this hand. So I call the raise. All the people after me do so also. The flop comes K3. One heart. ZANG! I cold call and I beleive one guy drops out. The turn is another heart. So I raise the inital betttor. He makes it three bets and I cap. I think we lose all of our friends here except one. The river comes a sweet ass Ace of hearts giving me the nutz. He bets and I raise, he calls, our third buddy stays in with us too. The initial raiser Flips over AA. I take a nice $78 pot and call it a night.

Anyhow.. back to cooling off at the .50/1 table. I have AQs with a few limpers before me so I raise it on up. It is not my fault these turkeys do not know how to fold. I get five or six callers pre-flop. LOVE IT! The flop comes 456 none of my suit. I insta-fold. The guy Baum then starts laying into me about raising pre-flop and folding to a bet post flop. If I know anything it is when to give it up. Best case I am drawing to six outs, worse case I am drawing dead to the straight. No reason to continue here. We mix it up a little. I think my favorite line was:

Sir: How did you afford that truck? Did you spend the dollars the tooth fairy gave you for your last two teeth?

It was a fun table. I ended up leaving down a buyin due to cards not hitting. No big deal. I also have not reached Silver yet. I am so curious what SUPERNOVA gets. It does not say on the Pokerstars website. Nerd? See you all tonight!


Anonymous mookie99 said...

It was fun playing last night. All 6 minutes in the tourney ! Thanks again for helping in getting people out to the tourney. It was great having so many play last night.

7:52 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:29 AM

Blogger drewspop said...

Sirwalmart, I did laugh out loud at the The tooth fairy comment. That one was good, although I thought his comeback of call you a "dork" was especially clever on his part though.

You newbie CB you. Good playing with you.

The wife is out tonight so I think I am going to take my shot at the 180 since I collected my 45 SNG moolah.

9:02 AM

Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Chris, unless I am called out to drink (always possible) I will probably be taking a shot at a 180 SnG as well tonight.

9:51 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

180 it is! Hey Sir, what is the benefit of becoming a Silver VIP or whatever.

10:21 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

A. You accumulate VPP Points at a 50% faster rate.
B. You get into a weekly freeroll for Silver Backs only.
C. You get into a monthly Freeroll (I think) for Silverbacks only. (That may be a gold option).
D. You get a chance to enter a FPP tourney to get into the monthly Gold tourney.

As you get to higher levels the benefits are the same but get better including being able to buy into some cash freerolls with FPPs.

3:13 PM


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