Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Down Night

So a down night yesterday. Not too bad. Dropped about $100. It was one of those nights at 2/4 LHE where everything you do is wrong. The type where the guys you like, you know them, the ones who call 4 bets cold with 44, and call you to the river as long as an Ace or King do not show up. Ya those guys. One of the nights where they actualy win. Oh well. Dropped the $80 at 2/4 and another $20 in Stud. I played an MTT. I was the chip leader with 30 left. The blinds were $600 and I had about 13K. It is this time in a Stud tourney where my inexperience and lack of knowlege of the game kicks in. I ended up going out around 18th or so. Maybe 20th. Oh well. Better luck tonight. I hope to be doing the Freeroll at Titan tonight.

Poker Savvy

As well as the WWDN on PokerStars. Am I ever going to get to play in the tourney of champions? Is there going to be one? Who knows? Let's ask Voltron! I think losing $100 in a night is a little steep for me. I would like to keep it down around $50-$60 at the most. Oh well. I can absorb the loss at least. I see myself playing a single buyin at 3/6-limit a night and one or two MTTs depending on how the LHE goes. That is the plan anyways.


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