Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ALOT to cover..

John Daly, please, pay me 1 million dollars, I will give you lessons, and save you 32 million. PLEASE! I can help. Really I can. I am an expert in this kind of thing.

I lost the WWDN. HOWEVER. I played as well as I could. I placed in the top 20. I got all my money in with a great chance to double up and make the final table. No suckouts. Just did not win the coin flips.

Also, It was one of the most fun WWDN's that I have had in a long time. I had Kat, Loud Down There, Gracie, Psycho Chick, Irish Chick Friend of SoxLover, and a whole cast of charectors. It was a HELLA good time. I could not stop laughing. Psycho chick was alot of fun. I forget what blog you run but feel free to post it in the comments. The insults, inuendo, and graphical sexual talk kept me in stitches.

As well as a fun hand where SoxLover convinced Irish Chick to fold a hand to me and then I turn over six high. It would have been fun if she could have seen me yelling "Come on! Fold! Fold!". I did have outs. However they were slim. It actually is a sign of respect when I put a move on a player. It means I beleive they can fold. She played very well tonight. Sometimes gets too attached to pockets but overall a fun player.

I played a 55$/SNG TURBO! Took third place. I have been enjoying the turbos. Probably above what I should play but I am having fun and making the money more than I am not.
If you have not had much luck at final tables in the 180's and the like I highly suggest one of these. Usually you wind up with high blinds, a low stack, and you have to make tough decisions. Pushing with a good hand is not always the right decision especially in a 180/SNG when you have spent hours getting to the final table, and every person who goes out gets you more money (or in this case closer to the money). I was really surprised these were not push-fests all the way through and again I reccomend them if you find yourself going out 12th in the 180's or something like that. Approach them with the mindset of how do I hold on and yet not get so short stacked that I have no shot at first. You want to keep a dangerous amount of chips. You want your all-in to mean something. You also do not want to go wild on every weak ace you see just because the blinds are HUGE. It is more profitable to wait people out at that point. Obviously everything is situational but this is in general how I play these.

I also want to play more of the 50$/MTTs on Stars. The ones where you can win 5K+. Again slightly above my bankroll but I think I need to take some shots to both improve my game and possibly hit a nice payday. Something that will mean something to me. I always have the $500 I cashed out if I need to rebuy. However so far in a week I am down $80 or so. Not bad at all. I have not given up on the 20$/180's and the like. I am still playing those. I just want to take more shots at bigger prizes. I also want to see how "supposed" better players approach the game.

Tomorrow night is the Big-O Mookie Tourney.

Thursday night is the Blue Veiner Memorial for Poker champ. May his blog rest in peace.. we miss you champ! Password is monkey and it starts at 8EST. Blame Wes if you hate the time. Works for me though.

Also the WWDN:Not is running at 10:30. Darval is running this one. Password is monkey again.

Alot of cool "Blogger" events to have fun in. Be safe out there!


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