Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Incompetence my Favorite

It is bad enough to be sooo busy I can not play Poker but to be soooooo busy I can not play poker BECAUSE people are incompetent is even worse. So I got nothing for you.. except a day in the mind of Sir. My days go sort of like this.

Woman talking about camera shots, etc, etc..

: Purple shirt.. ooh, slip of white.. boobies.. mm.. I love white shirts almost as much as School Girl skirts. Perky little things..

Later on new woman: The project management committee blah blah yakity smackity..

: Hmm .. pregnant.. big boobies. Not bad. Too bad she is not a little prettier. Oh well. Big Boobies..

Ok. I know none of this surprises you. However next time you have a conversation with me and I seem to be drifting off a little you will know why.. BEWARE THE TROUSER SNAKE!


Blogger TripJax said...

Quite a page rank post, but you could have certainly worked the title to bring a few more hits...

Good stuff...

2:35 PM


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