Friday, May 12, 2006


I am so freaking busy.. I probably have 80 hours of work to do this weekend. Everything due on Monday. My poker time has been limited to 12AM-2AM. Sleep. Optional. I had a good time chatting with Bloody-P last night. Really cool guy. He watched me go out 200th in the damn 11$ rebuy. I had JJ and M<10 and pushed into QQ. Oh well. What can you do? I doubt I survive long enough to make the money at 135 and even if I do fold to the small money I have no shot at the big money. If I was ahead and won that hand I would have easily made the money and possibly even better.

I though this was pretty cool from 92o

1) Play one game on one site for the next 3 months.
2) Play a minimum of 5k hands per month (preferably more). Follow 50bb stoploss/500 hand max hands/session guidelines.
3) Post five hands every day to FOPT forum for discussion - two biggest winners, two biggest losers, one misc hands. Blog twice a week.
4) Read the mid-high stakes shorthanded forum every day. This will be higher than you play, but the commentary and thought here is golden. Also consider reading the High Stakes limit forum and some of the heads up forum.
5) Stay positive.

It comes from someone named Subby. I guess with a name like that you have to be good.
Well.. not if your name is Byron but that is another story. ** Warning: If you are at your work a gay wink is coming: ;).

24h is my new favorite hand by the way. I have some other things to post and all but I just do not have time so you will have to make due.


Blogger Raveen said...

hahah 24h my favortie hand is 25off suit for some reason...found ur blog of WP's page check mine out you might like it

3:08 PM

Blogger Bloody P said...

Good to chilly chill with you last night on the Laverne and Shirley box.

Hit me up anytime.


4:03 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

There is an online poker site called "24h Poker"

6:15 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I thought the same thing Duggle since I play at a skin-site for 24h poker.

7:30 AM


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