Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weird Table

My boy Flux was out sleeping or partying with some hot blonde or something last night so I hit the tables alone.

I got down about $35 initially and was getting fed up. Some really bad hands after a nice start. Oh well. So I sort of just want to go to bed so I start pushing all in every hand. I pushed five hands in a row without a single caller. I then start joking with the guys at the table and let them know what hands I had.. I then TELL them I am going to do it again when the blind comes to me. So I push again three times in a row. One time when someone raised, got a caller, and THEN I pushed, and both of them folded 4BB to me. So by this time I am back up to about $30, still down $20 and I start playing normally again.

I get enough action when I want it and end the night up around $7 on a 50/nl table. The weird thing about this table is they NEVER folded pre-flop except to my huge bets. I got beat by a 93c hand who called off four bucks pre-flop (alot of limpers) and called off two other large raises until he rivered his flush. He could have put me all in with his 93c flush too but was too scared. Um.. why are you drawing out on me with a 93c flush if you are not willing to bet it when it hits?

It was just a strange table. Alot of the reason I have been playing with Fluxer lately is because I am too tight. When I bet people fold. I never get involved in HUGE hands unless I am way behind to some strange k6o that hit against my AK. Some weird crap like that. I think by playing more hands and raising more when I do come into a hand. Showing down a few missed draws. Winning some big pots with draws. I end up getting the action I desire when I do have AA/AK/KK. I have to beleive being too tight is wayyyy to easy to play against. My biggest hand last night actually was when I raised pre-flop 4xBB with 36c. The flop gave me an OESD which I bet, and the turn completed me. Neither of the other players could put me on the hand and I busted them both.

So I guess some of what I am trying to accomplish is calling more raises with "interesting" hands, and raising with less than premium hands. I mix this in with my normal tight hands and it makes it harder to put me on a hand.

The other thing Fluxer does better than me is folding. He is a mad man when it comes to folding. I know the hands I have posted do not show this but he has no problem folding TPTK or overpairs against aggression. He is much better at it then I am.


Blogger Tom aka 10,000 Days said...

playing against tight players is remarkably easy. They're the easiest players to play against in my opinion. To lose your tight image you can do things like always raising when your are first to enter a pot as a way of disgusing hand strength or changing the way you play draws, alternating between raising for value and simply calling.

8:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the benefits of playing the lower limits is the merry-go-round of players plus players who don't notice you haven't played for an hour but still call or re-raise your pre-flop raise when you have AA or KK UTG.

Sometimes I'll raise in middle position with any two and I'll pretend I have a high pocket pair or that I flopped two pair and I'll bet with shear aggression. I'm amazed at how well it works but better to be proactive than reactive.

Laying down hands is tough but neccessary. Hey sometimes you might even lay down a winner but with a good read on the table laying down a hand can mentally feel as if you won chips. Those chips saved come in handy later when you do have the nuts and you rake a $200 pot instead of a $140 pot.

11:36 AM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Not to self pimp, but what the hay.

My last post laid out playing by position, not by cards, to improve my self awareness, and to get over being a tight ass.

Give it a try and let me know if it helps, I'm trying next week in a tourniment.

2:11 PM


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