Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shaaaarkay Baaaaabbbbyyyy

**Image above because I can not resist a swooning woman. Duh!

I was naughty last night baby. I played a little .50/1 cash game. Now I have played .50/1 before.. and I thought it was tight and rocky and hard. However I think I entered La-La land because I took $75 of the table in less than an hour. The play was loose, crazy, and stupid. With people call there entire stacks off with second pair. No draw. No Redraw. Nothing. Er. Ok. I may have to try that again..

Nothing great on the SNG/MTT front. I took 4th in an SNG after being chip leader for a while. It is all about what cards and coinflips you win when the blinds get high. Oh well. We shall see what happens tonight..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be Careful!

As a shark, if you keep testing the lucrative waters of the cash games, MTTs and SnGs become boring, especially from a ROI and $ per hour perspective.

Cash games baby!

10:20 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Possibly.. But I was reading that SNGs are the most lucritive. I can risk 25$ and make 112$. So thats a 75$ profit. If I sit down in a cash game with $25, chances are, unless I get lucky, I do not make $75.

Now maybe I just need lessons!!

10:29 PM


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