Sunday, May 07, 2006


I made it to 8th place in the 3$ rebuy for a WSOP seat. I spent 9$. Not too shabby. I kind of went out on a donkey play.. I had AK s00ted and I made it 24K pre-flop. Two callers made it an 80K pot. I had 80K behind me and decided to try and take down the pot. The flop was QTx. One spade. So I had backdoor flush, two possible overs, and a straight draw. The guy after me pushed all in and had me covered. He turned over AQ. I got a spade on the turn for something like 17 outs. I can't count. So anyway he ended up winning. I am not too upset about my play here. I personally think calling pre-flop with AQ is dumb. I easily could have had AA/KK and he would have been doomed. Lucky flop for him. If I win that hand though I am the chip leader and I make the money. Only three spots paid. Oh well. Next time. Right now I need some sleep.


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