Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nice comments

I think I could agree with many of the comments and also disagree with alot of them. The one thing I have liked about Fluxers style of play is it's inherent aggression and ability to make people make HUGE mistakes. We got the money in the hand with a 36% chance of making an eighty dollar profit on the hand. Not the best odds but not as horrible as first appears either. Although I do agree with Don and most of the comments that there probably is a better place to get all your money in.

The things that stand out in the comments to me, and make me beleive even more in this style of play, is the fact that none of the good players would even consider they were beat here. If you noticed the guy with the ACES was totally cracked until he hit his 30% chance on the turn or something like that. I respect everyone who commented that they would call overbets because it screams weakness. I think that is one of the things I like about how Fluxer plays, he gets called alot by people who think that way.

I also got a comment about having a total disgregard for my money. It is one buyin to a cash game. Nothing more. Nothing less. While that does not mean you should play poorly I think if you look at your chips on the table as anything other than a buyin you are a fool. If you are properly bankrolled you have to be willing to go the distance and play your game. If you are afraid to lose a buyin you have no place at the poker table. Go home and knit me a scarf or something.

So anyways thanks for your comments. These are the best hands to discuss since they have alot of interesting aspects to them. As I try and develop a different style as always I appreciate your feedback and respect each and every one of you who make serious comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed is you have to be careful playing super aggressive at the lower tables. Yes you force people into mistakes but sometimes you outsmart the donkeys so much that in their confusion they make the wrong play and it ends up with you getting kicked in the junk.

Right now I'm working on tepid aggression at the lower levels so I can get more comfortable making plays and trying to force mistakes. It's all good practice for moving up the ladder where usually more aggression means more profits.

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