Saturday, June 03, 2006

T Dollars for ME Dollars

Alot of action in the Waffle house last night. We told my son about ten million times to not play ball in the house. He plays the whole field. Off the wall, diving catches into the kitchen. So last night he finally took after his dear old accident prone dad and as he was going back for a long ball he slammed into the fence, I.E. The Fridge. Unfortionatly for him he hit the corner and cracked his little head open. He starts bleeding and freaking out. It is these times you realize as smart as your kids are they are still KIDS. He was never good with blood but he also thought that if you cracked your head open you automajically died. I guess he must have seen some ER show on the learning channel or the news or something. So finally we get him calm and wait for his head to stop bleeding. Eventually it lets up but every little while a drop oozes out. So we take him to the ER and they put a few staples in his head. That was actually an ordeal too because they made us wait for hours. He was getting more and more nervous about the stitches or staples or whatever they were going to do to him. Finally they did the little click-click and he freaked out for the last time and everything was done.

We get home and settle the kiddies in bed around 11:30 EST and I am wayyy too tired to play poker so I watch a little TV and relax. Finally I am like screw it and go downstairs for a quick game. A few of my favorite people are on, ok, one of my favorite people. Jewels is playing the 180/SNG with hubby Graham, and I decide to sweat her a little while playing my third 1 Million qualifier of the week. I have won my other two attempts. The first one was a 39$/LHE event, the next was a 3$ Rebuy Turbo and the latest I decided should be a double shootout. I am normally not a fan of these because you have to take first place on your first table and first or second on the final table to win anything worthwhile. However it is low risk and nothing else caught my fancy tonight.

I destroyed my first table. I played very selectively and pushed a lot of good pocket pairs. Not huge one. I won alot of races that way. At the end I had 7K in chips vs 1600 for the next closest. I picked off almost everyone at that table. I then had to wait for the final table to begin. Not being patient I entered a 3$ rebuy to the WSOP tourney. I did not do well as my TT was cracked by a big stack with K6o or some crap like that. Oh well. At this time Fluxer logs in and wants to play 100/NL, and Jewels and Graham are deep in the 180. It is a little crazy. I tell Fluxer to wait until the Double Shootout is over and then proceed to do alot of folding. I finally chip up alot when my 77 and 99 hold up in all in attempts. I actually flopped a boat with the 99. Sweet! It gets down to three left. One huge stack, a smaller stack than I am and me. The blinds are 100/200 no Ante and us small stacks have around 2K in chips and the leader has about 6K. Lucky for me the leader was an aggro moron. Now I agree with being aggresive in these things. Especially with a chip lead. However you need to avoid calling all in with weak holdings and be aggressive with blind steals and string cards. He would be very aggressive every hand trying to steal blinds, but when you came back over the top of him, he would never fold. So I waited. He doubled both of us small stacks up. I waited some more. He donked off some more chips. Finally the chip leader got taken out and us two small stacks had won 215 T$. I am going to try and win AGAIN today. If I do I am for sure playing because it will be like a sign from the Poker Gods or something. I will say boosting my bankroll from $400 to $1000 playing Satelites is a nice feeling though.

Around the time I was celebrating my victory Graham was getting knocked out in 18th place or so when his TT got killed by AKd. I am not sure I would have folded my tens here against the HUGE stack. I probably would not have. However this donkey was playing so many hands you knew you were going to get called. In addition most of the time your in a race situation. I may have seen a flop then pushed. He still would have been called however since the flop gave the villan a 4 flush. The villan is not known for folding. Ever. Those situations are really hard though. You are so close to the money.. and you are a MUCH better player than the big stack. Do you go for the coin flip or find a better spot and outplay the guy? Graham had enough chips where he could have played it either way. I can not say letting the tens go was the right move and I can not say pushing was. It is just one of those tough decisions that either works out or does not. Better luck next time Graham.

I played a little 100/NL and won a few bucks. I have been winning slowly lately. No huge scores. Sixy here, thirty there. Just waiting for the nice hand where I crack aces and make them go home and cry to mommy. Oh well. I guess I will have to just accept winning at the cash game and wait for the fun later.


Blogger Graham said...

Waffles, here was my thinking behind the play with the TT.

I wanted to win this thing. I wanted to go into the final table with a bigger stack, and when I saw TT vs. the donkey’s min-raise, I figured there is (a) a good chance that he has a weak hand like A5o etc, a good chance he had one over and one under, and (b) he would call my all-in with such crap as he had done before, and this was a great spot for me to double-up. If he had an overpair, good luck to him. I figured at worst I would be in a coin flip, but that there was also a good chance I would be a bigger favourite than that.

In hindsight a smaller raise PF may have been an option also (but he probably would have put me all in with his AKo), but as the flop was 9 high, I would’ve lost my stack either way.

Tricky one – too bad the Ace fell on the river ;)

3:57 AM


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