Saturday, May 27, 2006

PokerNews Rules

I decided to sell my seat for once. I will try and win another one before Sunday though. So first I had heard DA was interested in buying and giving a good price. I sent him an email because hell he is a Brogger and if we can help each other we should. He was not around and I am an impatient bastard. So I started looking around for places that buy.

I first tried finding that Brian guy. You know the one. The dude who has people all over Pokerstars with or something like that.. I guess I was not paying attention enough because I could not find him.

So I went to plan C -- Google. It is true. The ultimate intelligent Google is awesome. One day it will assimilate us all. I checked out PokerDB first. They had what I would find out is the standard deal of 90% for T$, and 80$ for W$. It seemed like a simple process. I had never really tried them before so I decided to keep searching.

I then found what I will say is the SirFWALGMan endorsed site: PokerNews. I found the flash interface (I think it might be flash) to be very easy to use. The simple to follow email directions were great. The thing that tipped the scale is that they pay an extra 2% for your dollars. So I entered my information and prepared to wait. Except it was instant. I got my cash in 5 seconds of the time that I put in the request. It was awesome.


Blogger Jules said...

Yeah, Tony G ( has done well with Poker News (he owns it). It's a slick site, full of a ton of information and resources.

3:27 PM


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