Saturday, May 27, 2006

180/SNG Woes Continue

I have been getting close. Often. In my last three tries I have 2 ITMs, and one BubbleBoy. I am also getting really frustrated. I do not care about ITM in these things. It sucks. If I want to make $40 I will sell my sperm or something. I want the big money. I desire the 1K prize. I almost hit the final table tonight. Out in 10th. Ug. Makes me want to puke. I did have fun playing with the star of the hour though: Hoyazo! He was so tired from last night that he missed it when I raised 8K into him when he was the SB and 20 people were left with, you guessed it, "THE HAMMER" (tm)Grubby inc. Like the asshole he is though he had to one up me. Look real close at the picture and you can see Carmen hitting on me.. lol. Just kidding Don!

Oh yeah, and what the fuck is up with the guy to my left two spots? Is that ZeeJustin? Either that is his fucking uncle or some retard was like: ooh ooh ZeeJustin! I am a Fanboy! Then when the cheater got caught he was like "Fuck! Stars will not let me change my avatar!!!!". Dochebag eitherway.

I then proceeded to drop all of my winnings on a 50/NL cash game. I hate 50/NL. I want to win the 180/SNG so I can play 100/NL fulltime. However that did not happen tonight. Actually the real plan for tonight was to win the 180/SNG, then win two 100/9 MTTs in a row to shame Hoyazo!!! My plans get foiled early.

So in dispair, all my plans in ruins, I jump on a $39 LHE Satelite to the Sunday 1M. My mentor is like, LHE? WTF! Idiot! Why do you want pain? I laugh and then when 73o rivers a straight I start agreeing. The game was the $39 LHE Satelite, and when I signed up there were only 6 players. HOWEVER -- By the time the late registration ended it was eighteen. I played a mean game. I decided early that bluffing these donks was a bad idea. It was right around the time my pre-flop raise got called by Q3 and K2. Umm.. Yeah. Not even s00ted. K2 won. We will get back to that though. So I hung tough, won a few nice hands, and found myself at the final table. The BEST guy in the world was there: HERBIE THE WONDER PLAYAH. He says he was just trying to leave. He had 10K in chips, by far the leader, and he raised most every hand. I was happy because he also had a horseshoe up his ass and was taking players out left and right. Finally I DECIMATED him when my KT stood up against his JT on a TTx flop. I actually only 2 bet the river because after capping the flop and turn he had me almost convinced he had AT. Almost. Once I dispatched him it was easy sailing to the goaline. I actually took out Mr. K2o in 4th place.. so the donkey got 3$. I would say that is even worse then 5th. Much worse than 18th. So I have played two of these 1M contests.. this time I am taking the money and running. I will try and qualify again but until that time I am increasing my current bankroll by 50%. It should get it back up to $800 which is where I left it at my last cashout. Looking for around $1500 to start playing 100/NL regularly. Wish me luck.


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I still say you should play in the 1M man. You can take that shit down, I'm telling you. It's just like an 180 sng, only 40 times as large. Why I like these large buyin MTTs is that even if you just make the first round of cash payouts, you still get a nice chunk of change.
Best of luck man, sorry so sleepy last night. But hey glad you were there to see my 4th lifetime cash in the 180 sng.

6:55 AM

Blogger FishyMcDonk said...

K2? He must have been retarded, like me.

9:34 AM

Blogger Jestocost said...

I really hope the ZeeJustin fanboy thing is a joke, because it would be relatively close to mildly amusing in a stupid sort of way. But I fear there are actually tards out there who get all stiff over these online "superstars." I had a run in during a Stars MTT with some moron using the screen name ZeeDustin. His name can't possibly be a joke related to ZJ's woes, however, since he started using it well before those troubles surfaced.

7:32 AM


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