Friday, July 28, 2006


First off I would like to say things are running good. The bankroll is climbing. I have it near 400 now after buying back in for 100 a few weeks ago. I got a nice boost when I took second in a 45/SNG tonight. I think my game has been improving. I still have some bad nights and did give some back tonight. I will keep grinding those cash tables out and see where it goes.

I recently was contacted by I was told to try out the site and that I would be given some access to the site. I have not heard anything for almost a month I think so I will have to assume it was just a scam to get there database numbers up. If I am mistaken then I will let you know.


Anonymous nijle said...

Good to hear everyone looses now and again at the cash tables. I lost a "big" hand last night, went on tilt and lost 15$ 3 hands later.

Steaming in my chair, i bought into a .10/.25 with my last 17$, played three hands when i was dealt the dreaded A/Q combo. Flopped a Queen and went head to head with this other guy who went all in. two tens came out and I ended up stacking him with Queens and 10s Ace kicker to his J/Q. Doubled up and quit for the night.

Is it just me or when you are loosing bad and go on "tilt" do you start doing stupid shit? I lost that 15$ when i was holding pocket fives (oh boy) flopped a 5 for trips and got beat by the full house the other guy OBVIOUSLY had by the way he was betting. STUPID donkey move! That shit is scary (well not really all that scary because its micro limits afterall, i mean i play for 1/10 the amount of real money you do), but I almost lost my whole roll in one night because i was on tilt.

I need to learn how to take a breather, regroup and get a level head. That ever happen to you? Probably not because as its been said before by wes "you are the poker god".

7:20 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

You are clearly not a long-time reader, nijle. Woffle is the King of Tilt, or at least was in his younger days. He's improved a lot since then. Tilt happens. It's good that you know you have that problem, so now should work on controlling it. And, for the record, I have the same problem. I'm sure most of us do.

10:57 AM

Anonymous zimba said...

One of our members happened across your blog and mentioned your posting to me. I am the operations manager for CardRunners. We take very seriously the business of teach onlin poker players how to play profitably and would welcome you among our ranks. What promotion are you referring to in your blog? We don't scam anyone and have thousands of members, so there is no need to inflate any numbers. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at

3:31 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...


I was told Access was to be setup to cardrunner.. I was going to review the features and try it out but nobody ever got there act together.. I do not think anyone was doing anything deceitful I just think you guys could not get your act together.


7:51 PM


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