Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Interesting Night

I had a night that is pretty rare for me. I actually played somewhat poorly on a few hands. I know my loyal readers you can believe that they guy who gets the money in with the best hand 99.9% of the time actually sucked out. It is true. Sort of.

The night started with me playing the WWDN. I basically won like 2 hands. The only that got me to the final table was against Mowemdown. I had AJo with a fairly short stack and decided to raise. I believe Kelly had limped in or possibly was the BB. So he goes over the top of me and basically if I had folded I would have been down to like 700 chips. So I make a very loose very bad call. He flips over his cowboys and before he can start celebrating an Ace hits the flop. Ouch. Kelly basically got totally screwed all night. Some of which was his fault like when he limped Aces and let KJc get 13 outs on the flop. That is pretty dangerous as he found out when the turn made a flush for his opponent. I forget the other hand he lost. I think he got taken out when his TT was beat by both KQ and A5. LMAO. I feel for you brother. It was nice to get a little revenge on him as he has been kicking my ass lately.

I was able to final table in the WWDN which is a good sign. I think my game is really coming back around after it took a while off. I ended up busting out 8th but I had a brain fart at the final table. First hand I am looking at 99 and only the sb and bb left to call me. I meant to push as I had about 10M however I raised 3x the blinds and let myself be pushed off the hand on a AQx flop. I would have been more satisfied to finish 9th and have pushed and lost a race, than eight with that brain fart of a move. It crippled me and lead to me being sucked out on by the luckbox, 22 vs KJo. I had no chips and so even though I called him a fish I was just joking. I was proud of the laydown I made when JJOK went out. He basically pushed in front of me. I folded because he was all in. It only left me 1K in chips with 1K blinds BUT he did bust out and so I moved up a spot in the money. I did not like that K6d anyways. The ducks were better.

While all this was going on I lost a few bucks at a 25/NL cash table. It was pretty juicy. I got a guy to call my all in post flop with my QQ vs his K4. He had hit a 4 on the flop. He turned another 4 and there goes a buyin. I know I am such a lucky guy.

So after the blogger game we got a cash game going. Jordon was whining that 25/NL was too little so we went to a 50/NL table. I also had a 25/NL table running in the background. Jordon actually played a hand masterfully so I called him a fucktard. I actually would not have played it this way only because I hate giving free cards as they usually burn me. I had KK and he raised before me. I cold called and an Ace came on the flop. It went check-check and I convinced myself he did not have an Ace. It cost me ten bucks when he flipped over his AK. Oh well. He totally had me fooled so in that way it was a good play. Of course if I turned a king on him that would have been the end of his stack. I need to incorporate more slow playing into my game but I also think it is important to know when to slow play and when to stop.

The interesting hand of the night was one where I attempted a positional blind steal. I am getting into those because of my boy Don. I have QTo either on the button or cutoff and I raise to two bucks. I get re-raised three more. Normally I would end it here. However I had the Angels on one chat window (Don) and Satan on the other (Fluxer). Now I say they are good and evil only because their games are opposite. Flux like high variance, high risk, poker. He will make four or five buyins or lose one every time. Don is more of a slow and steady wins the race type. So Satan says "Go ahead and call, I would". So I call. The flop comes JJ9. Now I bet out eight bucks. The pre-flop raiser re-raises me all in which is 23$ more for me to call. The pot has about $26 in it so I am not getting odds. I ask the angel what he would do. He says "You must find your own path my son". I ask Satan what he would do, "Fuck man! Tough call, go for it! Your the man!". So my soul is saying what are you doing fucktard but my hand is clicking the call button. It is usually not a good thing to press call when every fiber of your being is saying "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". So I miss the straight entirely. I am about ready to cry when he flips over 78o and misses his gutshot-bluff. Wow! I suddenly find myself up to $85 and end the table almost doubling.

I lost some of that profit on the other 25/NL table I was on. I basically was just not playing very well. I soon folded that and called it a night. It was kind of funny to be at the second table though because a reader shouted out to me. I have yet to convert him to blogging but it was fun playing with him. I Told him to stop chasing flush draws with no odds though! Baaastaaad!

One interesting thing in the chat tonight. A player who will not be named since I have been starting wayyyy too much trouble starts ragging on Slb for a questionable play he made. I kind of felt like it was too harsh and it kind of pissed me off. So later on when Don pushed his whole stack in against this guy and he was like "FUCK!", I said that Don only did that because he knew you were a pussy. I instantly got the desired effect of pissing the person off. It is kind of ironic to me though that he can dish it out and had a little trouble swallowing it. Now I do not mean to say this blogger is a jerk, I like him alot, and he is a good guy, but only I am allowed to pick on Slb and if anyone else tries it I will turn my evil powers towards you. Please don't rat the player out in comments. If he feels like coming forward and discussing anything that is his prerogative.

So anyways.. I really feel my MTT game is coming along with 4 ITM's in the past week. It needs something though because I have not made a big score. The cash game is on and off. I am still learning. My biggest problem is extracting enough value out of my hands. I also allow myself to get stacked on occasion when I know I should fold. Especially with KK pre-flop. If you see a raise, re-raise, and get re-raised should you be willing to go all in? I am on the fence. I actually folded pockets queens to two people raising-and-re-raising pre-flop in an SNG. It turned out I was up against AJc and 77. The 77 guy was the aggressor. Ug. I would have flopped a queen and been styling. Sick. Peace out biatches.


Blogger L'artiste said...

Good, now go win a few 180 SNGS!

4:33 AM

Blogger DP said...

I love how you referred to me as satan in your recap of the key hand at $50 nl -- regardless of how you specifically intend that to come across, I'll take it as a compliment because I bet the real satan is a damn good poker player-definitely not a pushover.

5:37 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

DP - Satan was NOT meant as an insult more of just a highlighting of your contradicting playing styles, where Don is more plain vanilla wait for hands and be a good boy, and your more into high pressure exciting plays.

6:46 AM

Blogger slb159 said...

Once Jordon[sic] hit top 2 with AJ vs my AQ, I really didn't give a shit what happened. I'm glad I played a bit better with my 2nd buy-in.

7:07 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

The mystery antagonist is not me. I just wanted to make that clear since everyone is probably thinking that it's me.

I didn't even play at that cash game.

8:54 AM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

The mystery antagonist is also not me. I also did not play that game, but I do herein reserve all rights to rag on slb whenever the fuck I want. He is my bitch too, just ask him...

Fluxer is the devil by the way.

9:39 AM


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