Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Move along.. nothing to see..

I have been taking my hiatis in stride. It has been nice to fold my underwear draw instead of my crappy hands for the past few days. I did get a few hours in at Party Poker (Bonus Code IGGY) and it is worse than I remembered. Wow. I mean the hands people are willing to call all in bets with are amazing. I may have to go back there. Except for the fact that I hate the site. Oh well.

I was reading our newest blogger Slb lately and he was crying about some play made against him. Here is some good advice for you: If you dont want to play donkeys your not going to be playing much because they exist everywhere at every level of play. All you can control is your own game. Beleive it.

I know it is fun to go off on people. I have been enjoying my recent discussions with Smokkee alot. However everyone plays the game differently and are at different levels. It is your job as a poker player to understand who your playing against and tailor your game to that person. If you know someone is a donkey and will call every bet you make then wait until you have the nuts and take them out. If they get you once in a while so be it. Poker is a tough game. The edges are small. As long as your playing and improving your game you do not have to worry about other people. In the end you only have to answer to yourself. If you played a hand perfectly and lost then so be it. If you screwed up a hand then figure out why and improve. Find out what you do well and continue doing that. Good luck out there!

Three more days until I touch down in Vegas! WOO HOO! I am already having dreams about it. Actually more like wild fantasies that will never come true. Like last night when I stacked a fish at 200/NL six times. Yeah like that is going to happen. Oh well. Still. Cant. Wait. So. Excited.


Blogger slb159 said...

Thx for the advice Waffles. Any and all help from anyone is always appreciated.

2:54 PM

Blogger slb159 said...

Actually, he wasn't the one who knocked me out. Was jaust ranting about his play in general. Should have clarified that earlier.

10:04 AM


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