Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot Man on Man Sex

Ok. Got my hair buzzzzzed. My son loved that. We go to the local Supercuts and I walk in. We get a seat and the hairslut comes over and asks what I want. So I am like "Jman tell her what I am gonna get", and he yells out in glee, "Make him look like me!".. at first the hairslut thinks we are kidding but we finally convince her. So she whips out her #2 hairslut cutter and starts taking most of my hair off. I could have done just as well with a flobbee. The torture is finally completed and I am as soft as a baby duckee's butt. My son was rolling on the floor. He wanted to feel it. "MMMM Soft", he says as another fit of hysterics comes on. My wife and daughter choose this time to walk in and the whole family goes off on another giggling fit. I guess some things are worth doing.

So on to the man sex. I am trying to figure out my lodging situation for Vegas. At first I thought I would have Mr. Dreamy share a room with me. However he said he prefered Dwarf Man Sex. So then Icky said he wanted to share. Is that still on? Icky sex is the best kind you know. I think that is up in the air. Scott then probably saw an internet video on the dangers of dwarf sex so he asks if I still have room. Last but not least Mookie is thinking of coming. I have been bugging him forever to take the quick jaunt over from Texas to Vegas and have some fun. So lets get our plans finalized boys. I have no problem if someone wants to kick in a few bucks and pull up some floor and shower space. I just want to know who wants to stay. I will be checking in at 10:00 on Friday btw, so lets firm up plans, exchange cell phone numbers, etc, etc.. Lets get the party started! Only going to be two keys to the room too.. so we should figure out logistics.


Blogger slb159 said...

Maybe if I hadn't lost so much $ on online poker, I'd hit you up on your offer for sleeping deserve a big win or four!

2:34 PM

Blogger CJ said...

Getting extra keys is easy... just go back to the desk and say you locked your keys in your room.

5:18 PM

Blogger ScottMcM said...

I am staying at The Horseshoe for $45-$55 a night. You cant beat that and they also have one of the best 6-12 Limit games and run 2-5 NL and a $60 tournament every 3 hours.

9:47 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

don't forget the prophylactics.

10:43 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I cannot wait to see your hair - um - I mean head. hehe

Don't turn in all of your keys when you leave - I need one so that I can keep it go to the MGM pool whenever I want :)

9:44 AM

Blogger Jules said... frighten's official

11:07 AM


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