Friday, August 18, 2006

Super Cricket Circus

My son has decided he likes the crickets that his frogs eat much more than the frogs himself. He has taken four of them and started JMan's Wonderful Cricket Circus. He has one named jumpy who does a trick called "Eiffle Tower". Basically my son puts the little guy on his finger, lifts him way into the air, and shouts "JUMP" until he leaps down to the ground.. unhurt in any way. If that does not work a well placed push is good too. Look for the traveling circus coming to your town soon. Eight is a fun age.

Poker is poker. Won around fifty bucks in the past few days. Had a straight hold against a set. Had a couple of two outer suckouts. A bad play here and there. Nothing special. The 5.50 MTT still keeps kicking me in the balls. I was short stacked in last nights game with 200+ left. I pushed with A9 s000ted and was called by KJo. Insta-call. Half his stack. I guess it was a good play as the flop came KQx. A nine on the turn came just to rub it in. At least that is better than my last two attempts where I have been two-outered.

The higher aggression cash game thing is working out well too. I tend to take down alot of small pots and piss people off all at the same time. Once one of the pissed off people starts playing back against me I adjust and wait for a good hand. Soon after they slide all their chips to me. It is fun stuff. It is a little nerve wracking looking down on pocket 4's and hitting the raise button AND then c-betting on the Axx flop. It seems to work though. gl.


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