Monday, September 18, 2006

FFL Ugs!

First off I will start by saying I crushed 23Skiddoo this weekend. I scored a nice 72 points and I am happy with my teams production so far. Having said that I think I am doomed. I know, this is a common theme with me, but it is probably true.

I started the season with some semi-weak RB issues. Domanick Davis who was my first round pick goes down for the season. It leaves me with a decent second back in Cadillac Williams, however he has been suffering from back pain and putting up about 3 points a game. I sat him this week because of it. Thank goodness! So that leaves me with Warric Dunn and Dominic Rhodes. Now I will not complain about them scoring 15 points combined for me this week. Those are decent numbers. However with M. Barber III as my backup and the fact that you need a back that scores like 10-11 a week I see trouble.

Now my WR core is not much better. I have some solid one and two players in Burress and Rhodes. Rod Smith has been a tool so far. So that leaves me with Drew Bennett who has been decent and some crappy Miami guy. Not much depth in a 12 person league.

I am VERY unhappy with Marc Bulger this year also. I need my QB to pickup some slack and so far Bulger has been pretty much a donk. I have Leftwich as backup and he has put up good numbers so far. I may have to sit Marc next week if Leftwich keeps playing so well. I also may pickup another QB for next week just to get some numbers.

My Tight-end, Kicker, and Defence situations are great but normally these are not high point positions. My kicker has been especially good nailing 3 40-50 yarders in the last two weeks. So I am not sure what to do. Not too much out there for me to pickup. I guess we wait and see.

Played a bit of poker this weekend. Some of a little of everything. Hit up my friend John's wedding too. It was a nice wedding. It is funny when you have not seen people for a while how they change. His brother was this 900-pound slob and I did not recognize him AT ALL when I saw him at the wedding. He lost a ton.

I have been hitting up the Play Money Omaha tables for the fuck of it. It is kind of fun scooping a 600K pot my way. Really crazy play. I was up 300,000 for the day. Go figure.


Blogger slb159 said...

Did someone say, "slob?" JJ must have written that part.
Nice omaha table with ya.
I haven't played play money in ages.

7:55 AM


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