Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Schedule

I got a busy few months coming up. I will be disapearing for a week. I am going down to the Shore near AC. I probably will just relax on the beach all week and chase the kiddies. Some poker is possible but highly unlikely.

Next month or so I got my best friend John's Batchelor party. Ok. Ok. You caught me. Carmen is my best friend. However this is distant second!

Ok, here’s the final gig plans. (Print it and bring it as reference biatches)

Here is the itinerary:

Weekend is paid for and scheduled with the appropriate entertainment directors.

I spent all day yesterday in Maine booking and testing out MANY lap dances…
Baaaaaa……lol.. just kiddin, I was pleasantly surprised…


Thursday @ 5pm - 6pm – Pull Bock out of work – Depending if I have outside influence or not.

I plan on having a few drinks in Salem before we leave, prolly Salem BeerWorks…

Leave Salem MA @ 9pm at the absolute latest.

Head straight to Platinum Plus in Portland ME by 10pm or 11pm.

Sorry, I said Portsmouth NH before, I meant Portland….my bad…

Platinum Plus has Amateur Night Thursday nights at midnight.

So I plan on being there a little early like I said 10 or 11 pm.

Platinum Plus is open until 4am I think. Gives you plenty of time to sober up from 11pm.

Regular girls working before and after Amateurs.

And I have personally pin pointed which ones are great at there job.

FYI – stay away from the Champaign room, its $200 plus the girl fee ($200 plus).

Lap dances are $20 bucks and I can tell you which ones will be well worth it.

At some point (hopefully after most of you show up @ 11pm, or after the amateurs) we will have Bock up on stage and abused by the girls.

Once he has been abused and we all have had our fair share of entertainment we will make the trip west to North Sebago.

Go all the way down the road, it bares hard right onto dirt, then curves back and forth.


Friday we have 3 groups of 4 golfers T-times back to back starting at 10:30am.

It’s a 18 hole golf course. They do rent clubs. They don’t let you bring your own beer, HIDE IT…lol..

Friday after the golf outing I figure we hit the house and have a BBQ or something.

Which reminds me …. We need to get food and beer while we are up there on Friday am.

The Real Estate agent thinks it’s a golf / fishing weekend FYI -

You also need to bring your own sheets and towels.

And bathing suit, we have a dock and the water is warm.

The house has:

7 bedrooms,
Ping pong table,
Volleyball / badminton net in the backyard overlooking the lake.
Huge living room,
Huge deck off the living room,
And a dock to swim off of.

Friday night we will hit Naples and chill at Ricks Bar.


Saturday @ 8am we are picking up a 19’ boat with either a tube to pull or water ski or both.

If you rather jet ski’s then you’ll need to schedule on your own.

We have the boat from 8am - 5pm. (Gas not included).

We can pull the boat right up to the dock or there’s a mooring right off shore of the house.

After Tubing and or skiing we will kick back and have a BBQ and chill or play volley or something.

Then somewhere after 7pm there may be a VERY bad school girl showing up.

She has a flat fee, but depends on tips. So don’t let her down. PLEASE.

Lap dances are only $5 and the bachelor will get a lot of attention up front.

She will stay an hour but more if she feels she is doing a good job.

She will have a bouncer. She auctions her panties off in the end (which Bock should get).

Or…err… the best man….its good reminder for gathering afterwards we can toast to it.

Afterwards we can either go to Ricks Bar again or chill and razz Bock….


Sunday , chill , breakfast and then boot.


School Girl is $250 we can split or you can sit in the closet and jack off to the sounds.


The Bash at the boathouse is coming up after that and maybe another trip to Vegas! The social schedule is looking up.


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