Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Goodbye Old Friend

I truly feel the tears welling up in my eyes after the decision of one of the best poker bloggers you could ever meet. I am sure if he was here he would run around with a little thimble catching my precious tears because that is the kind of dwarf he was. He was not much to look at you know.. you could barely even tell the little hairball was human. Once you got over your initial revulsion though you really found out what Iggy was made of. His heart grew three times as big when he got up on his little person stool and started typing a drunken post on Guiness and Poker. No matter how many times he fell of his stool in a stupor he would climb back up and finish that uber rant just so you could waste hours of time at work.

I was never actually sure the Blogfather knew how to play poker himself. He copied a lot of things from many very talented people but he never much impressed me at the .05/.10 cent blogger tables. He was like and idiot savant parrot of poker though. If you said a key word or phrase he would puke up something he had heard from some other site. If he was confused by conflicting posts he would rattle off a "It depends", and then close his eyes and pretend to be passed out until you left.

He absolutely inspired a generation of deadbeats and nere do-wells who looked at this pathetic, huddled, mass of human filth and said "If he can do it so can I". We may never have had an AlCantHang or Dr. Pauly and the vaunted Hammer would have probably disappeared into obscurity if not for this little man. Not to mention the 50,000 bad beat whining pansy poker wanna be blogs that I have to sift through every day. These relics are his lasting legacy.

We may never see another Iggy in our lifetimes. He was to blogging what Moneymaker was to poker: A lucky moron who made us say "Daaaammmnnn I can do that!". As he rides off into the sunset with his Bonus Code Iggy, trailing empty bottles of Guiness behind I for one say "Good show Sir I will miss you".


Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

damn i got linked with "whining" instead of "pansy" like i hoped.

9:44 AM


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