Tuesday, November 14, 2006


After last weeks fiasco with the start time of the Mook I seriously considered boycotting the game this week: NOT!!!!!!!!! The Mook is one of my FAVORITE games and I am dead set on getting us 80-playays. In that vein I am going to introduce a first. The Waffles On Poker Video Blog of the Mookie. It is your shot to hear a real live rant as your pocket two's crack my AA on an A98 board push all in. Let's all hope my computer co-operates since it has been acting oddly lately. It has been going through patches where it just grinds to a halt. Hopefully the Video capture will work out. In case anyone is interested I am using Camtasia for these blogs. It has a nice screen capture tool and can save out to many different video formats.

I have been posting infrequently this past weekend. Not because anything is going particularly wrong. Not even because I have had nothing to blog about. I could post about how Ray Ray sucked out on me on and all in push with a flush draw for my entire stack. It was fun. Worst move ever? No. I think it is more suited to MTT play but if someone wants to be a LAG and raise J5c pre-flop and push all in on a two club flop then who am I to stop them.

I could also write about how I really do not like playing bloggers like Ray Ray in cash games. It has nothing to do with his play per-say. Obviously many people play like maniacs. The real issue I have is the fact he is coming down from playing 600-1000$ buyin game to play some 50/NL. I think he busted 3-4 times at that table and it just does not mean anything to him. While I am trying to build a stack up he can lose 20 buyins and laugh it off. It is kind of like getting to the final table of an MTT and being up against a guy who has you out chipped by 500%. No chance of you winning since he can repeatably push all in and just has to catch once.

After Ray Ray took half my stack actually.. he had lost a bunch before that so he actually did not stack me.. I made a horrible tilty play to give the rest away. It is pretty important that you do not do this. I can point to 3 other sessions I have had this week where I lost just as much and had my stake on the table down to $28 or less and made comebacks by playing solid poker. If I had not let that beat bother me I am sure I would have made my money back off of someone at that table.

Ahh well. At least the roll is heading in the right direction. It has a pretty decent chance of capping 400 this week which is workable. I am mostly sticking with things that have a minimal negative fluctuation on my bankroll. The only NLHE I have played this week has been because MiamiDon really wanted me to sit down and play. I think when the bankroll is a lot higher I will go back to the cash games full time but for now I am going to stay with the low variance approach.

So how have I been building the bankroll you ask. Various different ways since I started with $69 three weeks ago.

1. Still hitting up the .50/1 Razz and Stud tables. I really like these.
2. Playing alot of different SNG/MTT games. The most profitable so far have been the 90-person SNGs and the 18-person SNGs. These are pretty decent games.
3. A little progression Razz. What is this? You start with a buyin at your normal level and then when you double up you move up a level. I started at .50/1 and went up two levels to 2/4. I made a few bucks there and stopped. Next time I will try and go higher. It is fun. It is low risk. If you have a good day it can give you some profit you normally would not see.

I did have a major tilt episode that could have cost me alot. It was nasty. I had been having a few really frustrating days where I could not win anything and the roll started a small decline. I still do not deal well with this. So I decide 5/10 Razz looks good. AHAHAHA! JJOK was watching me and yelling "STOOPPPPP!!!!". heh. Thanks bro! Well it was good.. but just barely. The problem with going up that high and risking 1/2 your bankroll is that eventually it will catch up to you. So I am trying to avoid things that tilt me. Everything ended up well but it easily could have gone the other way. I bought in for $100 and was down to my last $10 when I went on a major heater. I ended up with $170. I will say that if you have the money 5/10 Razz seems like a sweeeeeet game. A nice mix of suckers and people who will fold. Very beatable and I look forward to playing it soon.

I also have a token. I might play the DADI but I do not like 6-MAX much. I also may spend it tonight on the 35K Guaranteed. We will see. Oh yeah and go give Indigo some congratulations he can now kill people legally in the state of NY and say "oops, he was old anyways".


Blogger TripJax said...

Play the DADI damnit...go get another token for the 35k...

DADI's only come around once a month and who knows how long they will be around.

Maybe you could video your DADI experience to. Maybe we would put it on the DADI site as well...

11:51 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

I'm really looking forward to The Waffles On Poker Video Blog.

12:03 PM

Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Love the progression Razz idea, I'm going to have to give that a shot.

9:09 PM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

WTF is progression Razz?

And how the fuck has it been four days since I've stopped by?

I am getting old.

9:40 AM


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