Friday, November 03, 2006

Rest In Peace Brother

They don't work worth crap when I have AQ, raise in the CO, flop nothing and the [censored] I am playing has 10 8 on a J 8 3 flop. He will call (or raise) my continuation bet EVERYTIME, and if I don't hit my A or Q he will call me again. A king can come out, no matter, he won't believe me, he KNOWS I NEED an A or a Q. This is how it has gone for me for an incredibly long stretch. - Tony

Please spend a moment of silence with me for our dearly departed brother Tony, AKA Tough Fish. I found his videos amusing and his ranting very inspiring and I hoped he could continue on. In all honesty I find his attitude pretty good. He is trying to learn and become a better player and overcome all of his many flaws. I think in some ways he is too wealthy for his own good. I beleive he buys in for large amounts and immediatly starts in with the 2/4 and above games. His game might improve if he takes a step down and learns to beat 1/2 or something of that sort.

Reading through the 2+2 forum I realized something: The people at 2+2 are all idiots. I really do not like any of them. I have never seen such prideful, boastful, arrogant, self centered people since the Republican party or John Kerry. If you all fell down a pit and died I would not shed a tear. Freaking waste of my air.

'Nuff said. Hope to see Tuff Fish rebound someday and give poker a real shot if he wants to otherwise best of luck to him in life.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I've got to keep my poker skills sharp and work on the content of my blog if I'm gonna keep up wit da big boys.

PS I liked your Warrior post

12:01 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Wasn't this like six months ago?

I didn't watch all of his videos, but the ones I did watch were very evident that the guy didn't have the right temperament for poker.

12:06 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

He died six months ago and nobody told me!!!! NOOOO! Is he coming back? Any sighting?

12:40 PM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

Does this mean you'll be picking up the tuff_fish torch and recording your sessions with Waffles Rant Audio (TM) to accompany the video ?

12:49 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Yes. I am underway to getting the equipment together to start a audio-video rant-cast. It may take me a while to capture the essential Waffles but I will keep trying until I do.

1:10 PM

Blogger WindBreak247 said...

See now that's just plain funny.

Someone needs to pick up that torch.

1:29 PM

Blogger 23skidoo said...

I havent read 2+2 in forever.

Never liked it for some reason. At least has entertinment value.

6:41 PM

Blogger C.L. Russo said...

Right on about 2+2.

I've never seen so many people talk out their asses about things they know nothing about- legal matters and the UIGEA.

Someone needs to tell them that playing poker online doesn't make you an industry insider.

10:39 AM


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