Thursday, November 02, 2006

Strange Night

I had a weird night. Starting off the festivities I got totally destroyed by the river in Razz and Stud.. I found myself down 2.5 buyins REAL quick. It was so annoying. I then got into the Mookie. First Kitty makes a donkey move calling my raise with ATo. I only say this because I love you and do not want to see you get hurt. Stop playing like CC, ATo is no g00t. Of course it was in this situation and I quickly find myself in the hole for 1/3 my stack. C-Bets suck sometimes. I next find myself with AJ and get called and the flop comes Txx. I bet, raise, and push.. mostly because I figure I have two overs and by the time I c-bet (a little too much by accident) I was pretty much committed. My opponent turns over 99 for second pair. I fully admit I lost the Mookie due to bad play although I do not like any persons play in either of these hands myself included.

So then I start a night of chatting with JJ and playing 5.50 MTTs. I start out with the PL08 MTT. I am pretty pathetic at PL08 but not as bad as most of the people on Full Tilt.

[00:42] jj: ok, so I have 34,000 FT points
[00:42] jj: what should I buy
[00:42] SirFWALGMan: ummm
[00:42] SirFWALGMan: me a Jacket for Christmas
[00:42] jj: no way dumbass
[00:42] jj: hahahahhahahaha

I played a great game and ended up going out in 11th. I had 5K in chips. My opponent had 7Kish. He tries to steal my blind. I look down and see A23 s00ted. I re-raise all in and he calls. Of course his KT87 wins when it boats. No low. I go from have a slightly favorite hand pre-flop to losing. Total profit: 5.50 or so?

We then move on to the HORSE MTT. Another 5.50 affair.

[00:44] SirFWALGMan: i cant beleive how many chips I lost to that fucktard
[00:44] JJ: dude, not even a quarter of your stack
[00:44] JJ: take it like a man
[00:45] SirFWALGMan: lol
[00:45] SirFWALGMan: i need those chips more than that fucktard
[00:46] SirFWALGMan: 30 of 74
[00:46] SirFWALGMan: i need more cheeps
[00:46] SirFWALGMan: lol
[00:49] JJ: got 7K points at stars
[00:49] JJ: haven't played there in ages
[00:49] SirFWALGMan: 31 of 73 dude
[00:49] SirFWALGMan: i need chips this round
[00:49] SirFWALGMan: or i am doooooooomed
[00:50] JJ: go get em
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: i tried
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: lol
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: fucktard and his flush flop
[00:50] JJ: unfort that retard lost your chips already
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: no thats good
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: i hate him more than I want the chips back
[00:50] JJ: haha
[00:50] JJ: hahahahahah

It went very well too and I ended up in 16th place. I forget the exact hand that hurt me but I again got my money in as a favorite and lost. Oh well. Not everyone can be a Lucktard like Icky. Go congrat him on his 6th place finish in the FT 20K.

These nights are weird.. I lost money. People might say "Hey your able to play alot of different types of Poker" and "Hey you finished ITM twice".. I really need to win. Even second feels hollow to me at times. I expect myself to be the best and anything less is unacceptable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why isn't this quote the name of your blog?

"I forget the exact hand that hurt me but I again got my money in as a favorite and lost."

Fucking classic Waffles.

8:42 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ahh the Jealous little people.. I understand how you might not think I am always ahead since you probably are not but it is true.. Just face it I am better than you.

11:45 AM


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