Friday, October 27, 2006

Top Ten Supporters of Waffles

I figure it is not all bad. A lot of people have provided tremendous amounts of support over the years and they deserve a shoutout. If I fail to mention you it is because your part of the tenth group. Really I appreciate you all.

10. All the Little People Over the years of busting out bankroll after bankroll and even making a small profit all of the little people have always been there. A kind word. A buyin to an MTT anything to get me back on my feet. I even had someone sponsor me in part for the million on stars. These people who believe in me and pony up every once in a while are much appreciated.

9. CarmenSinCity
Carmen is the best. She is always there with her perky boo.. smile and great personality. She was the first one to grab me in Vegas and sign us up for the 1/2 wait list as Carmen and Waffles! She even spotted me a couple buyins for 25/NL when a blogger game was starting up. I eventually paid her back with some interest but it was a stretch for her bankroll and I appreciated it a lot. I just wish I could have paid her back a lot more.

8. Fluxer
This dude needs to get a life or at least a job. He is always on the girlie chat and
willing to talk poker and strategy. I think he is probably the blogger who has watched me play the most. Although his style is unorthodox it really made me think about alternate ways of playing poker which is EXTREMELY important. I always get a chuckle when someone spouts off a Super System line to explain why they think a player has a certain hand. In most cases they are right. However if you know your opponent is a Super System thinker you can outplay him by making your hand look a certain way to them. In the long run this is what makes a winning player. Manipulating your opponents and playing in such an erratic way that they can never get a read on you. Although I always tell him he needs to tone it down a little I think everyone can benefit from having a little Fluxer in their game.

7. YoSoyVeneno
Although we have not been chatting it up alot lately Veneno has been a great supporter of me. Our days of playing the 1$/3$ MTTs on Party Poker were incredibly fun. Since she has gone single and is spending all of her time with Slb and the Calli Boys I have not seen as much of her as I used to. I guess my tilt factor probably is happy about that as she can insta tilt me with her style of play. Hopefully we will hook up again soon for some HU style play or something.

I have no idea why he is on the list. I can point to nothing he has done to improve my game or to help me out. He probably should have made the detractor list, but when a guy says he is willing to go through the gates of hell for you he has to make the list. He actually gets a lot of what I am doing here. It is always fun to waste countless corporate dollars reading his blog or chatting with him on the IM. He is one of the NL cash game guys I have come to respect.

5. MiamiDon
Don is the guy I look to lately to keep my game solid. He is always willing to share his thoughts on the NL cash game and takes a real grinders approach to it. I look forward to playing 2/5NL and above live someday soon and when that happens a lot of it will be because Don re-reignighted my interested in the NL cash game. He has a lot to teach about actually making a living playing Poker and I soak up as much as I possibly can.

Although Al and I joke a lot I know that he has a lot of respect for my game. He is really like the Big Brother I never had. I appreciate his camaraderie and everything his has given to make the Blogger community a better place. One of these days I am going to sit down and get that SoCo that bastard owes me!!

3. Dr. Pauly
Dr. Pauly is made to be a public figure. The fucker is one of the most personable people you will ever meet in your pathetic life. I have never seen anyone who just shines the way that he does. Over the years we have played a lot of Poker together. The early Party Poker Blogger games were my first introduction to NLHE and were the most fun I ever had playing poker. Not only because I got to bust April multiple times either. I popped my live play cherry with the good Doctor and have made some decent money in his MTTs. Although his JetSet lifestyle does not allow me to have a lot of time with him I appreciate everything he has done to help my game and gladly consider him a friend.

2. Iggy BlogFather
I can not say enough about this guy. He may clown around and goof off a lot but if you
have never had a serious poker conversation with him then you are missing out. He does not give you the answers he just leads you in the right direction and has you make your own conclusions. I have learned a lot about poker from the guy and have benefited from his support. I really appreciate everything he has done.

1. All the Loyal Readers
You all can be asshole and get on my nerves a lot but without you this blog does not
continue. I write in part for myself and in part for all of you. The blog and the poker game keep feeding off each other.. and if I become successful at this game one day it will be because of the blog and all of the readers that are willing to comment, chat, and give up valuable time for me. I could list a whole bunch of you but I do really appreciate each and every one of you. You keep this train wreck going and that symbiotic parasitic relationship is what makes it so great.


Blogger jjok said...

fun times man......and many more to come.

10:50 AM

Blogger April said...

Um, excuse me?? What about those of us who used to listen to your running commentary of the night you were having???

On behalf of Glyphic, Geek, and myself, I say "pppbbbbtt"

12:34 PM

Blogger ScottMcM said...

What the fuck is this shit? If this is not a piss poor attempt at a suicide note I dont know what is. Either that or you just won a Video Music Award on Mtv!

I would like to think God almighty for getting me through the day without him no of this would be possible I want to thank my mother who taught me that all women are precious and the soul of our world... NOW LETS PARTY WITH THE FUCKING HOES IN THE HOTEL ROOM AND RUN TRAIN ON SOME NUNS!

I like that I am on the bad side because I think what you need is a good older brother to kick you in the nuts and give you wedgies.

Dont let April give you shit either... i have to listen to stories about her worthless mutt almost daily and think she could have saved money on vet bills and just invested in a BRICK!

12:45 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ya Glyph was a big help as I self destructed for the first time.. *sigh*.. I hope he enjoyed watching it, heh.. You know I love you all.

12:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an "asshole" loyal reader, I just have one thing to say, "keep up the good work!"

1:28 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Playing with you on party was the best! I think that is what got me hooked.

You want me, YES, YES!!!! Come and get me cowboy.

8:33 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

"What about those of us who used to listen to your running commentary of the night you were having???"

I remember these nights fondly. Much more fun watching you win though.

8:20 AM


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