Saturday, November 04, 2006

Waffled Again

I played a 90 person SNG on Full Tilt. It is my second one. Three times I had 80%+ hands and all three times they failed me. The most painful was when it was down to six people. The guy in EP pushes. The second guy cold calls. I look down and find Aces. I jam and the second guy calls. The pot at this point is over 60K in chips. I win this pot and I am in good shape for a top 3 finish. The other people turn over A4o and KQo. I am in GREAT shape until the winning hand becomes 45678. A four card runner-runner straight. Ug. A4 is g00t. Lucky for me I got to keep 20K of my chips which actually did not get me much further.

I earned a first tier token. I used it on a second tier token run. I made the most collossal fundemental mistake you can make in one of these. With eight people left I jam my sixes. I am not sure why. I had just lost a hand AK vs A2 when he made a flush on the river. Yes another 80% fav down the drain. Really when you get to that final table your only job is to fold to 6th. I might have made a small mistake by calling A2o with AK s00ted but I can live with that. The pocket sixes mistake was not forgivable. Oh well. At least I have some confidence I can win one of these.

The night was not all doom and gloom.. I won a 70$ pot in PLO8 again. Three guys call my all in when I have the nut hi-low. Second high boat and some dude with a flush. Weird. So the bankroll has trippled in the past few days which is nice. Hopefully I can qualify for the Big Game tomorrow.


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