Friday, January 26, 2007

Finally - No Suckouts

It was a fine fine awesome night. Not one single suckout. Mostly because I played like shit all night. You know what.. it felt good in a way. I am sure I will have to return to my dominate ways tonight, I.E. Getting it all in as a 95% fav and losing.. but for one night it was fun to call off my entire stack with second pair.

Around the blogoverse.. I think soon we will have a Dr. T. My only concern is that she did not kill whoever was the #1 student.. Dr. Lector would have! See why nobody ever wins a fight with me?

April is considering dating marrying a Gay, Showtune watching, Geeky Nerd donkey who does not drink or play poker AAAAAANNNNNDDDDD would not give her his jacket! Sounds like the best offer she has gotten in a while. You go girl! Oh yeah and April says go vote for Wil. With over sixteen years experience with computers I can not figure out why the php script they wrote does not work.

My Bodog masters have not paid me for the Ad yet. I am sure they are going to but I wish they would hurry up. I need me some poker. My initial thoughts about Bodog:The interface sucks donkey balls. However.. this is USUALLY a good thing. Why? As a wise little man once told me.. Bad Interface, Less Sharks. I did not beleive him until I ran up a ton of money in a short time at Titan Poker.. another place with a bad interface. I think Bodog and I might just become good friends.

.. more later ..


Blogger Gnome said...

It's true. The games at Bodog are much much better than Full Tilt or Stars these days.

10:20 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Pacific Poker was the KING of that rule back in the day.

Oh that pre-UIGEA era...we will always remember it fondly.

10:46 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

One day it's I will see you May when I start playing again, the next day it's fucking more poker posts!! WTF!!

12:25 PM


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